Electra Astrinidou

Copywriter & Community Manager

Electra has been ‘trolling’ people her whole life. Upon completion of her studies from Deree College and Warwick Business School, she decided to take a more ‘mature’ and grown-up approach to it, engaging in the social media world. She started off at iTeam and then moved on to Mindworks Interactive where for more than 3 years she managed brands such as WIND, Libero, Aegean Airlines, Olympic Airlines, Coca-Cola, Mythical Peloponnese, Heineken, Moustaka, Opel. Her work has been recognized in the Greek Social Media Awards.

In her spare time she loves travelling either by walking in Athens or abroad, consuming mushrooms and white wine, engaging in serious sports watching, and debating…on anything, like a good troll.

I rebel therefore I exist

Albert Camus