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June 12, 2018 / COMMUNITY
by Interweave Team

When you think about building bridges, you think about merging two places of increasing importance. And when you think about our future as a society, the bridge with our present is constantly evolving, upgrading, extending. On the 22nd of May, the leading technology company of our times, Microsoft, took for the third consecutive year a […]

May 24, 2017 / COMMUNITY
by Interweave Team

Let us set the scene for you: You are at a meeting, a colleague is presenting and out of nowhere comes a storm of arcane acronyms and mysterious marketing terms:  “The KPI’s for this BTL campaign need to be delivered ASAP. Of course, we have to figure out the UVP first, but remember: we need […]

February 08, 2017

Happy sponsors of International Creatives London Meetup "The biggest influences in my #creative career" can't wait for tomorrow! #iwculture #InterweaveLDN #creativevibes

November 10, 2016

Love is meant to be shared - so... time to share some sneak peeks of the 6th Annual @thelovieawards ceremony #happeningnow #iwwork #lovies ❤️

November 10, 2016

We love data, we love analytics, we love performance. That's why today we were at AllThingsPerformance '16! #iwculture #atp16gr

September 09, 2016

An Interweaver at #Digitized16: on September 23rd, our Lead iOS Engineer, Giorgos Ampavis, will be co-hosting one of this year's most interesting workshops, on mobile design. So, let's go mobile!

July 11, 2016

We like having #fun on #socialmedia - so… time for #Snapchat! Follow our 👻 : interweaver profile & enjoy our Snapchat #stories! #iwteam

June 28, 2016 / COMMUNITY
by Nena L.

For some of us, the Interweavers, it was our first in Barcelona, as well as our first at Offf festival. Is it a festival? How can anyone mean all-things- design, where print, digital, typography, illustration, marketing, visual, VR, film, experiment, and so on, are stuffed in a single word – festival?