Anna Kenanidi

Account Executive

Multitalented and outgoing, Anna is our newest Account Executive, with a kind personality where passion and harmony blend and flow so naturally, reflecting her deep love for communication, music and coffee! Surprising as this combination may sound, it has a clear explanation as everything is imprinted in her steady and strong steps, that created her own path. Starting her professional career in Interweave agency, orchestrating accounts like a maestro, is more than an introducing job. It is a choice, as the creative energy of an agency feels as familiar as the vibrance of a restaurant, which she knows well as a family business. 

Only a few years ago, she chose the path of communication and media studies in Athens, rather than pursuing music studies abroad, a path that would be a natural choice after spending her teenage years in a music high school in Larisa, focusing on music theory studies and learning to play the piano, accordion, and saxophone. 

An avid musician and dancer, she landed in Athens where her innate tendency to express herself and communicate was channeled into media and communication studies at the National University of Athens. 

There, she discovered her interest in digital marketing when she took a seminar on the topic, while also helping set up digital communication channels for the family business back in her hometown. Without any previous professional experience on social media, she took on questions such as “why do some things work and others don’t” and “how to optimize results” as well as the challenge to digitally transform a traditional restaurant business. 

After her first experiences in digital marketing,  she decided to delve deeper into the agency life, which is stamped by a strong symbolism that means a lot to her: The day she joined Interweave team, she also got her  graduating results, elevating that day το a milestone that represented an exciting new beginning in the professional world of digital marketing client service

Although happy to have initiated this new career path, she firmly believes that if she ever took a break from life in an agency, she would follow another passion of hers, and put her barista skills (yes, she also has a barista certification!) to work in the pursuit of the perfect coffee! 

Where there is power, there is resistance"

Michel Foucault