Antigoni Bisbiki

Visual Designer

When Antigoni was very young, she had a dream. She dreamt of being a veterinarian, rescuing wild animals out in the savannah. Now that she’s older however, life brought her into a different kind of safari: the world of advertising and digital graphic design!
Wild animals notwithstanding, graphic design was an easy choice for Antigoni, seeing as she was mostly interested in creativity that serves a practical, strategic purpose. One of the most important parts of the work after all, and a big factor that played its part in drawing her in, was the ever-present challenge of combining a beautiful, artful result with functionality and practical purpose. After earning her BA in Graphic Design from Middlesex University, she immediately jumped into work and spent 3 and a half years in different agencies, honing her skills.
As a member of Interweave’s design team, Antigoni brings her own perspective to the creative table, designing digital experiences that are as beautiful as they are effective. Every day is a new challenge here at Interweave: after all, the digital advertising safari is a living, breathing ecosystem that is always changing and evolving– and we know Antigoni is more than up to the task!

Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.

Paul Rand