Aris Voulgaris

Account & Innovation Manager

Αs his title would suggest, Aris has always been passionate about innovation. From a very young age, he has been passionate about technology and curious to learn everything he could about whatever the fresh, new thing was. The bleeding edge, as some would call it.

Contemplating (and subsequently rejecting) potential careers in an expansive range of fields, -including stand up comedy- and following a very close brush with a career in programming, Aris ultimately decided to focus his studies on the fields of Business and Marketing.

Upon receiving his ΒSc in Business Administration from the American College of Greece, he decided to further expand upon his studies and travelled to Nottingham, where he pursued a Master’s Degree in Marketing.

His professional life started at Goody’s where he very quickly took on the position of Assistant Brand Manager, honing his skills in Digital Marketing and Social media strategy and putting them to practice. However, having been exposed to the world of advertising agencies from a young age, Aris ultimately decided to gravitate towards that universe, as to him, great agencies are instigators; made up of teams from all sorts of disciplines, they are the ones who are willing to walk on the precipice of that aforementioned bleeding edge, to bring innovation from theory to fruition, to make art that serves a purpose and achieves results.

Before joining Interweave, Aris held the position of Αccount Director at Publicis One, working with a diverse variety of clients, including Nestle, Heineken, P&G, Coca-Cola and LG, working on client care and growth, as well as the coordination of cross-functional teams. He joins us now with an additional title, that of Innovation Manager, bringing his insights and his outside-the-box perspective to the team.

If you don't give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.

Jack Ma