Christos Kliafas

Art Director

Christos was born and raised in Volos. After his high-school graduation, he joined the local School of Arts and attended art and graphic design classes where everything was made by hand. His next step was to study computer graphics in Thessaloniki, followed by another course at AKTO to further build his graphic design toolkit. Upon returning to Volos he started his own creative studio, Bee Design, which was a unique endeavor in a city with limited professional opportunities for the ambitious designer. 


Deciding to chase something bigger, he resettled in Athens in 2003 picking up a position in Dot and Dash, the first of many formative ad agencies for Christos. Adjusting to life in the capital came with difficulties but soon enough, discomfort gave way to creative work for big clients such as Nissan, and then KIA motors for Breakfast agency. TBWA Athens was his next stop, a quintessential experience of advertising, “a baptism of fire” as he puts it. There, along with the valuable professional lessons working for McDonald’s, Absolut Vodka and Audi among others, Christos met exceptional co-workers that he respects up to this day. A restless and curious designer he next shifted towards the fashion industry, taking on customers that included shoes and clothing.


And then came a position with Wunderman’s local agency. This was his first encounter with digital work, a new space of communication for him. This new world revealed – by contrast – his love for paper: “The digital content is ephemeral – it has different qualities. Paper, on the other hand, and print in general, is tangible. It obtains physical space.”


His love for the tangible creations shone brightly when he launched his own series of puzzles for children. The inspiration came after his young niece looked too unimpressed with toy puzzles and he thought that if a designer couldn’t make a puzzle exciting then no-one could. He then set out to layout and illustrate a 6 themed puzzle series, but didn’t stop there. He designed everything that came along with its communication and promotion, as someone would expect from an advertising veteran. The puzzle series, Puzzle Forever, was featured in gift-shops in Athens, the New York, and London among others, reaching even the Palais de Tokyo gift-shop in Paris, France. After the last copy was sold, this invaluable experience made Christos realize that as much as he enjoyed this creative rollercoaster, he lacked the affinity for the business side of things.


Another  senior stop after that included YARD, the awarded event agency, where he had the opportunity to work with a broad and prestigious clientele that included Nike, OPAP, Cosmote, and other corporate clients. 


Apart from design work, Christos likes to tend to his plants and his cat Kopelitsa (or just Litsa). When asked about what makes an agency special, he believes that advertising should be like a fine art school, where you can sit cross legged on the floor in meetings, and co-workers share ideas as freely as they share treats and coffee runs.


The details are not the details. They make the design.

Charles Eames