Dimitra Boloutsou

Junior Copywriter & Social Media Marketing Executive

Life is a buffet and Dimitra just wants to taste it all! Since a very young age Dimitra has always been eager to experience all that life has to offer: this was evident from her school days, where she balanced her student life with every after-school activity she could cram in her schedule. Anything was fair game: from swimming to ballet to guitar lessons, to volleyball, to hip hop and graphic design. You only live once, after all.

That self-starting, try-everything-once attitude carried on well into her student life. As a Business Administration student at the Athens School of Economics and Business, she founded one startup in her very first year (and co-founded another one), she became a member of her University’s Debate Team, spent six months in Uppsala, Sweden, as part of the school’s Erasmus program and completed an internship at L’Oréal Hellas. Yet, there were many things still to be explored before she could decide on one career path.

Dimitra knew that what she wanted to do would have to combine business with creativity and she knew that she was passionate about digital innovation. So, what better place for her to start her career than joining us here at Interweave? Sharing her insights and contributing to the team’s creative process since day one, we can’t wait to see what else Dimitra has up her sleeve! What we know for sure is that she will inject it with the same passion and joie de vivre as everything else that she has attempted so far. Knock’em dead Dimitra!

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker