Fotini Athineli

Junior Social Media Marketing Executive

A passionate, free and fearless girl in fancy socks! Fotini is our talented Jr. Social Media Marketing Executive, with Communication and Mass Media Studies in the Panteion University and a hands-on background in the broadcasting and entertainment sector. With an agile experience in content creation and social media management for the spectacular world of web tv, radio shows and music promotion, such as STAR channel, ERT S.A and Soul M.G.M.T music agency in Brussels,  she now extends her talent in social media marketing content infused with her unique, positive and free-spirited perception and creative strategic writing. Besides, this is her true love: Communication and interaction with people and the knowledge that even one person can stop for a moment and consider about something she has written, inciting a feeling or offering a solution to a problem is her motivation and incentive. As she is in an early career stage, she appreciates and enjoys greatly those precious moments that she learns something new and delves deeper into it.

Curious and restless by nature, her dream is to travel and enjoy as much experiences this world has to offer, with New York and Iceland -to sip those magnificent Aurora Borealis views-, topping her bucket list. And her appetite for motion and indulgence doesn’t stop there; She loves car rides and music that makes her mind travel and her feet dance, while her mouth is always watering for a juicy burger or a delicious cocktail.

"Life is for the brave"