Frossini Drakouli

Digital Media Manager & Activations Coordinator

With studies in and experience in Political Communication and Media Relations, Frossini joined Interweave as our Digital Media Manager & Activations Coordinator.

Apart from being an organization enthusiast who strives on creative ideas and visual aesthetics, her previous experience with the Government’s digital communication office has contributed to her active role in the synergy between Interweave and the Ministry of Education during the COVID era. Her duties involve copywriting and message ideation, design, social media management and production coordination, as well as contributing in strategy planning and development.

Her current position comes normally as progress of her previous assisting role at the Digital Communications Office of the Greek Government, as a Creative and Youth Content Coordinator and her participation in the Digital Communications Office of New Democracy for the 2019 Elections Campaign.

Before carving her path into Political Communication, she worked at Vodafone CU for 3 years as a Youth PR and Communications executive, developing and delivering CU’s vision, as well as a Content manager and Copywriter for Doctoranytime platform. A proactive spirit with a positive attitude and love for good causes, from her early University years she has offered her volunteering activity at TEDx events and Outview film festival.

Frossini is a sociable introvert that believes in loyalty and the uniqueness of failing and trying again. Even though she has found herself actively working in the communication of two critical sectors in our country, she is the strong power that innovates and creates but prefers to stay quiet in her comfort zone, incorporating her creative spirit in the design of personal little things of everyday life, rather than self-promoting her achievements.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin