George Adamos

Photographer and Content Creator

Good vibes, vibrant energy, genuineness and a keen eye for photography! George entered the world of photography inherently, as he remembers himself sneaking the camera from his parents, from a very young age. After his studies in Civil Engineering, was time to begin his journey in the Art of Analogue Black & White Photography and continued in mastering the Art and Techniques of Digital Photography.

Harmoniously balancing from travel and documentary vivid themes to food and still life commercial photography, George incorporates his personal creative vision in powerful and aesthetically compelling images, illustrating the beauty and eliciting meanings through his shots, while he has excelled in creating great compositions. Capturing images in black and white and live band performances have a special place in his heart, especially when it comes to indie music, which he really loves.

Being the photographer of the Lappas Awards, the first art residency in Greece, he narrowed the creative background of the «Lappas Award Miners» exhibiting his work in the Technopolis of Athens in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts, which, among numerous collective exhibitions, was his biggest moment in the documentary field. George joined Interweave after several years of work as a main commercial photographer in the press and media, for LiFO and other popular print and online magazines.

His love and care for nature and everything green extends to the Universe and the infinite fascination of the Cosmic Energy, meanwhile on earth, he uses his feet to walk and cycle, never missing the chance to get out there and get close to nature.  A sugarholic at heart, ice cream is beyond an addiction to him. It is a feeling.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy”

Dalai Lama