Ilias Giannakos

Performance Marketing Specialist

Ilias is our newest Performance Marketing Specialist. Born and raised in suburban Athens, he followed his urge and affinity with numbers in studying economics, making him a natural fit to juggle spreadsheets, ads managers’ dashboards and Data Studio presentations. He developed an interest in how scientific marketing can get while still at the University of Piraeus and his love for math and statistics led him to the field of digital marketing, a field where his curiosity and talents could both find a home. 


Ilias gained valuable professional experience in Develop Greece, while helping introduce businesses to digital tools and a new way of thinking. With a focus on methodology and a fascination with tracking, he always brings a mathematical outlook to every issue that fits perfectly with his problem solving skills and his ability to turn numbers into actionable insights. 


An outgoing and kind personality, Ilias is a frequent traveler and a gastronomy explorer who is always on the lookout for the new best restaurant in town. He can switch from talking about digital trends to recommending where to eat in Manchester and London, although his favorite trip has been to New York, where he had the best thai food ever. Welcome Ilias!


When in doubt, test!