Jason Degleris

Visual Designer

Jason spent his most formative teenage years in Brussels, Belgium where he had the opportunity and space to attend to his creative callings. After returning to Athens he ventured into the street culture of skateboarding and graffiti while also taking up sketching classes. Upon graduating from high-school he went on to study mathematics, but his love for architecture eventually came through and after two years he enrolled at the Department of Architecture in the Technical University of Crete. 


Around the same time he started playing in bands, as well as connecting with various artistic communities and activities, that would inform his thinking and approach to this day. His interest and curiosity touched upon guitars, synths, samplers and drums, as well as skateboarding, graffiti, and photography, and while still a student, he was distinguished as one of the top 10 graffiti artists in Greece, released music, and was the art director for the internet radio station Bauhaus Radio. 


Upon graduating he did his internship at the prestigious and forward-thinking architecture studio 314, where he worked for the awarded H102 Romance Contemporaine project. His exploration of the two dimensional space was further complemented with work for festivals (Athens – Epidaurus Festival, GEOMETRIES) and freelance work for posters and record releases. Jason then took on the agency life as a junior art director, putting work for clients such as Plaisio, Misko and Frezyderm into his already impressive portfolio. 


For him, graphic design was a challenge of how the three dimensional thinking can be applied to two dimensions, and how the urban landscape can provide inspiration for graphic work, a challenge he now explores full time as part of the Interweave creative team, while he plays guitar for the Cosmic Shadows, and prepares audiovisual work on the athenian urbanity. 


To create is to live twice.

Albert Camus