Lydia Botsi

Brand and Communications Strategist

Lydia has always been enchanted from storytellers and that was the reason why her dream was to become one of them when she would be a grown up. Years and years went by, and she finally decided to take her chances with it: she studied Mass Media and Communication, as well as, Political Communication with a brief stopover at a Drama School, which confirmed her (strong) suspicion that she was definitely not born to be that wild in her storytelling career.

Being grateful of the precious things her working experience as broadcast journalist, as well as, writer and editor at newspapers and magazines taught her- things like the charm hidden between the lines and the balm that ink may sometimes offer in people’s lives -, she was lucky enough to meet the Interweavers that made her discover the true beauty that words shall have in digital- and that is, real- world: creating words for brands, putting them in a digital canal and letting them start their journey in people’s minds and hearts is the most fascinating story that she could ever imagine herself telling.

If you don't step one of your feet out of the Earth, you will never stand with both of them on it.

Odysseas Elitis