Mike Mantzavinos

Digital Marketing Specialist

A tech-savvy, proactive and deep analytical thinker, Mike, is our new Digital Marketing Specialist. Born and raised in the suburbs of Athens, Mike developed a keen interest in computers and online gaming from a very young age, that built a passion for technology and the growing potential of the world web, that still remains one of his main interests. 


During his studies in International and European Studies at the University of Piraeus, he travelled a lot in Europe and had two internships abroad, in Budapest and Warsaw. The stimulating blend of Strategy and Technology incited the spirit of the marketer inside him, which he put into practice professionally even before completing his studies, when he got a job at a Greek startup and delved into the world of social media analytics for two years working for clients such as NBG and Nissan.


After graduating, although he continued his career in digital marketing agencies with a portfolio that included brands like Herbalife, Interamerican, Opel, and ZeniΘ among others, he considers the start-up period the most important in his professional life: Still unknowing of the depths, he learnt the fundamentals of the digital marketing world and built a strong base for new professional interests. 


When he is not analyzing brand strategies and how data and communities shape today’s brands, he engages with his equally big passion, music and the arts as well as everything that blends them with technology and the new media. Although he has a strong background in music from an early age, playing the guitar and the piano, a whole new world opened up for him when he took seminars in electronic music making. It was his first contact with a new way of approaching music, with new things that defined him and his perception in music making. 


Today, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Interweave, he is delighted  to be at a position where he can combine his love for marketing strategies and advertising, and we are delighted to welcome him and his multi-talents. Welcome, Mike!


If you’re trapped in the dream of the Other, you’re fucked.

Gilles Deleuze