Nikolas Erotas

Visual Designer

A lifelong artist, Nikolas is a talented Visual Designer, the creative genius behind visuals of popular brands ads, such as Loumidis Coffee, Mykonos Super Paradise, Jacobs Coffee, City of Athens, Minerva Horio.

Since 2010, when he acquired his certificate as a Technician of Informatics Applications with Multimedia, Nikolas has worked as a freelancer and in the advertising sector sharing his innovative ideas with the world, creating, designing and incorporating great concepts in influential and appealing advertisements, digitally and offline.

Even when he moved to the other hemisphere, to Australia, he didn’t stop to beautify the digital world with his enticing concepts. Coming back in 2014, was the biggest moment in his life. And, it was big in every aspect, as the journey from Australia lasted one month, travelling through the US and central Europe in 6 big cities, with the sunshine in his mind and great experiences in his luggage. Back to Greece, brimming with fresh ideas, he enriched his portfolio with more innovative creative content, devoting his talent to engaging, concept-driven missions that finally connect brands with people.

What he loves most about his job are the deadlines. Not! In fact, he loves everything about his job so much, that he eats faster than his shadow just to return to his creative activity. Besides, everyone knows that, for a brain storming with ideas that need to come to action, other indulgences are optional.

In his free time, his restless artistic spirit doesn’t sleep. He unleashes his skillful impulse through drawing and feeds his lust for art visiting museums and exhibitions.

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