Renata Krasovskaja

Visual Designer

Renata comes from far away lands, although her route has been marked by determination and excitement; it was no accident that brought her here from Vilnius, Lithuania. 

She started attending art classes in the tender age of 13, and although she had classical art studies throughout her school years, it was printmaking that sparked her interest in the Academy of Arts upon her highschool graduation. Nonetheless, Renata quickly switched to graphic design, to infuse more artistic and human feeling into her design practice. 


Her initial unwillingness to work with computers gave way to an appreciation of the structured but creative classes of graphic design, a study journey that brought her to Athens before her graduation, to complete an internship in a greek design studio. After returning to Vilnius for her graduation, she came back to Athens to continue her collaboration with the design studio. With a deep respect and admiration towards the way athenian designers approach the craft, her resolve to stay in Athens as a design professional only strengthened, and she found her niche in illustrating everything around her that sparked her imagination.


When she doesn’t design or implement creative approaches for our clients, Renata illustrates covers for podcasts on sustainability, a topic that has come to be of great importance for her. She is moved and inspired by fashion, and her resourceful spirit has reconciled the conflict between fashion and sustainability with a love for thrift shops. Renata values quality over quantity and applies that same principle when it comes to friends, clothes or even information on topics such as public health and science.


I am made and remade continually. Different people draw different words from me.

Virginia Woolf, The Waves