Xenophon Kalogridis

Junior Digital Designer

We truly learn something new about him every day! Meet Xenophon, a talented digital designer that lives for adventure and is full of fortunate surprises. Growing up in the beautiful island of Lesvos, he discovered his passion for design at an early stage, spending most of his time drawing. As a teenager, he started being inspired by the freedom of expression one finds in street art, so he started travelling the world to discover work from his favourite artists! After four months of working in Estonia as a Designer, he discovered what he truly enjoys and joined Interweave, where he aspires to work on exciting digital projects that bring people into focus.

Xenophon is a huge fan of Illustrations, with a strong attraction to geometrical shapes, and loves Motion Graphics, as they give life to his animations. For him, good design is whatever conveys a message in a way that is understood immediately by the target audience, while having a modern and relevant aesthetic.

After work, you will find him planning his next extreme sports adventure, searching for up and coming street artists and listening to old school hip-hop.

P.S. If you also dream to visit the monks in Tibet hit him up, you can carpool!

Live fast, die young.