Life at Interweave


Why working with us?

Because we consider...

as a brilliantly created choreography

Data Analysis

as exceptionally decoded human psychogram


as masterfully told stories


as an ingeniously crafted user experience


as a daintily custom-tailored innovative engineering

We believe that our superpower consists in the artful combination of all the above and the miracles stemming from collective work!

We see Workplace
as our playground
and Team
as our family!

Benefits of working with us

Awesome place to work

Inspiration and creativity live in a cool, spacious, thoughtfully constructed workplace with great view. That’s right. Our elegant, well-designed offices, based in the most vibrant districts in Athens and London city center, shall definitely give your creative energy a generous boost.

One-of-a-kind gear

The equation is simple: We care about you. You care about your gear. So we care about your gear too. Meaning that no matter which tool you’ll need to do some incredible work, we’ll get it for you.

Ιnterweave with the community

We consider knowledge and experience as goods for being shared - thus interacting with the community, participating in open days and helping startups to shine, is on our agenda. That’s why we have decided to give the 5% of our time to start-uppers along with causes that deserve our attention and our support. So, if you have something in mind, all you have to do is share it with us!

Healthy Lifestyle

Τrips into nature, outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, snowboard, sea kayaking, convenient working hours in order to attend your yoga class, do to your favourite sport or just have your regular workout. Yes, at Interweave, the old saying “healthy mind in a healthy body” comes to life!

A dreamwork that
helps you evolve

We love to work with brands and people that add real value to their customers and to the communities in which they operate. That’s why our projects and clients are not just job for us – but an opportunity for our team to learn, to expand their skills, to evolve. By creating some amazing projects of course!

Be part of International landscape

We believe in the magnitude of the challenge that great clients bring along. That is the reason why we are attracted by inspiring global brands and projects that give us extra motivation to create brilliant things - at the same time, dealing with them, also helps us take a step further. We are lucky enough to have been working with clients from all over the world, Brussels, London, Berlin, Istanbul, New York, Wasincghton DC, Cyprus etc while Greece-based ones have already turned their gaze overseas very long time ago.

Life-long Education’s lovers

Cross-functional internal trainings, conference trips, business courses and seminars. You guessed right: we support knowledge and we invest in the best possible training of our team. So, if there’s an exceptional conference you’d wish to participate in, or a business seminar that you think it’s going to put your creativity on fire, just say the word and we will be there for you!

Let’s Grow Together!

For a business to flourish, it is important that its people feel like flourishing too. Thus, growing together is one of our wishes. For this to happen, we have decided that 50% of company’s profits in 2017 will proportionally be shared with our people based on their position, their role and their current salary.

Because as all things in life, prosperity too, is much more beautiful when shared!

What kind of people are we looking for?

We believe in passionate people that look for the job of their dreams. That’s why we are interested in the 2% of the society, meaning that kind of people who:

“Are not afraid of being different”
“Are talented enough to craft experiences
that talk to people’s hearts”
“Do not hesitate to pursue their dreams”
“Put the ideas over their egos”
“Do not give up no matter
how hard things can be”
“Love questioning, exploring, learning”
“Believe in the miracles that teamwork can accomplish”
“Will cover for the back of their colleagues”
“Make something they truly love”
“Do have the skills to make the world a better place to live in”

If you seek for all the things that we do love, Interweave is your dreamwork place!

So, join our team!

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