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Terms of Use

Welcome to “www.interweaveagency.com“ , a website owned by the limited liability Greek company under the company name „INTERWEAVE DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS AGENCY“ and the distinctive title „INTERWEAVE“ (hereinafter the „Company“ or „our Company“) establihed on 25/02/2013 with registration no 124313301000 at General Commercial Registry and has its seat at Karaiskaki 27-29 & Mikonos 1 Str. in Athens (GR- 10554), with TIN 800471868 (Tax Authority of Companies in Athens). Your use of the “website  is accompanied by the following general Terms of Use.(hereinafter “Terms of Use”)

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1. Content – Intellectual Property Rights

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1.3. The photographs of our agency members and offices are by Marcello Carvalho.

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4. Applicable Law:

The Terms of Use, any amendment of the Terms of Use as well as all issues associated with the Website are subject to Greek law. The Courts of Athens are exclusively competent for any dispute arising from the Terms of Use and the Website. The exclusive jurisdiction of Athens Courts includes interim measures, temporary restraint orders and disputes arising from tort. 

5. Miscellaneous 

5.1. The Terms of Use are provided only in English.

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