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Meet our team of experts

The combination of our different backgrounds and disciplines is among our key assets as we all share a valuable range of perspectives, which help push our thinking further.

Aigli Balamatsi
CEO & Executive Strategy Director

Aigli has more than 17 years of working experience, most of which within senior and executive roles in Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Communications. Her specialties include strategic planning, business development, product development, innovation strategy and team leadership.

Having held the position of Director of Communication Strategy and New Media at the Prime Minister’s office, served as Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Tourism, she served as member of the Board of Directors of the GNTO (EOT) and worked as Head of its Global Communications and New Media Committee, implementing strategies that gave outstanding results in a short amount of time, putting Greece ahead in terms of global tourism industry requirements.

Her career thus far includes designing and running national and international marketing and technological projects and campaigns for brands, organizations and corporations.

She has worked in the Internet and Interactive Media department of the Athens 2004, where she guided teams on innovative digital products, the first ones ever to be built for and implemented on the Olympics up until then, the HR Department at the OCOG Athens 2004 and much more.

In 2013, she decided to channel her passion and knowledge and build a great team in a new endeavour, Interweave, a multi-awarded Interactive Marketing Agency based in London, Paris and Athens, with constant yearly escalating growth, whose clientele consists of several significant global and national brands, delivering measurable results through creative innovation.

Aigli has also extensive experience in Product Development, Branding and Entrepreneurship; Regularly disseminating her advisory expertise in startups related to tourism, data analytics and fin tech industries, she also maintains a frequent angel investor activity.

Whenever she feels the need to recharge her batteries and re-supply her creative fluids, she enjoys diving, snowboarding and hiking, or simply spending some time at Dendrolivano, a boutique hotel she has co-founded on the Greek island of Cephalonia.

You are what you do, not what you say, .

Aigli has more than 17 years of working experience, most of which within senior and executive roles in Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Communications. Her specialties include strategic planning, business development, product development, innovation strategy and team leadership.

Having held the position of Director of Communication Strategy and New Media at the Prime Minister’s office, served as Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Tourism, she served as member of the Board of Directors of the GNTO (EOT) and worked as Head of its Global Communications and New Media Committee, implementing strategies that gave outstanding results in a short amount of time, putting Greece ahead in terms of global tourism industry requirements.

Her career thus far includes designing and running national and international marketing and technological projects and campaigns for brands, organizations and corporations.

She has worked in the Internet and Interactive Media department of the Athens 2004, where she guided teams on innovative digital products, the first ones ever to be built for and implemented on the Olympics up until then, the HR Department at the OCOG Athens 2004 and much more.

In 2013, she decided to channel her passion and knowledge and build a great team in a new endeavour, Interweave, a multi-awarded Interactive Marketing Agency based in London, Paris and Athens, with constant yearly escalating growth, whose clientele consists of several significant global and national brands, delivering measurable results through creative innovation.

Aigli has also extensive experience in Product Development, Branding and Entrepreneurship; Regularly disseminating her advisory expertise in startups related to tourism, data analytics and fin tech industries, she also maintains a frequent angel investor activity.

Whenever she feels the need to recharge her batteries and re-supply her creative fluids, she enjoys diving, snowboarding and hiking, or simply spending some time at Dendrolivano, a boutique hotel she has co-founded on the Greek island of Cephalonia.

You are what you do, not what you say

Dimitra’s professional career has spanned over 3 decades in the Marketing and Management fields. She built her foundation at Procter & Gamble, where she reached the position of Marketing Manager Haircare & Cosmetics Greece.

Following her 8 year collaboration with P&G, Dimitra continued as the Marketing Director at IDV Metaxa, a global leader in the spirit industry.

Her marketing experience was also utilized by the Organizing Committee of the Athens 2004 Olympics, where she served as Communications Director.

After 15 years of leading positions at large corporations, Dimitra became Assistant Director of Added Value, a Strategic Marketing Consultancy Firm.

As a believer in new, innovative and dynamic teams, Dimitra joins the Interweave family and shares her knowledge and expertise in Marketing Strategy.

Ships are safe inside the harbor, but that's not what ships are for

Elias is the resident online and social media expert, whose love of the medium makes him first-to-know of new trends and online campaigns. His ultimate talent is combining his deep knowledge of the tools with strategy. He developed his skills and team-leadership from a young age, participating in communications teams in big organizations, including a Greek governing party and the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

As the Internet Manager of the GNTO Communications & New Media Committee he led a team of Social Media administrators, bloggers and communication officers and was also in-charge of overseeing the Google Ad campaigns run by the GNTO. for global outreach.

His extensive knowledge of web architecture and social media functionalities, as well as, the principles of engagement in social trends, allowed him to look ahead and lead the GNTO in many number-one spots in global rankings regarding the organization’s social media presence.

Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right.

Steve Jobs

Originally from the lovely island of Crete, Despina studied marketing and digital and political communications in Greece and the UK. She started her career as a marketing analyst, before going on to work at the telecommunications sector as a product manager, responsible for market research and new product research and development. A digital enthusiast and a design lover, she swiftly moved to advertising, where for the past 10 years she had an amazing time working with creative people to launch digital and 360 projects and helping well known brands such as L’Oreal, Germanos, Cosmote, Coca-Cola, Reckitt Benckiser, FAGE Dairy and more, grow and expand. Working at Ogilvy One Athens, first as an account manager, then as an account director and group account director, she then became business unit director at Bold Ogilvy & Mather, leading a series of digital transformation projects and large campaigns for the likes of IKEA, Nestle, Estee Lauder and many more, before coming to Interweave to take up the exciting role of our general manager.

Despina believes that all communication must create an impact on society by raising awareness on important issues, shifting stereotypes and cultivating mindsets and infuses this belief in all projects she tackles.

When not marveling on everything design, she watches fashion shows, reads about fashion shows, chats about fashion shows and pins fashion show images. She follows the temperature trends all around the globe to plan trips, getaways and holidays to wherever there is summer warmth, and, occasionally, sails.

"Success isn't about how much money you make , it's about the difference you make in people's life."

Michelle Obama

Fay graduated from the department of European Economic and Political Studies in the University of Macedonia. She then moved onto a Master’s Degree in Public Administration specializing in EU Governance (University of Leiden, The Netherlands) which she has completed – yet.

She has worked in several key-positions in the public administration sector alongside significant political figures that starred in Greece’s political scene. Most noteworthy are her tenures as advisor to the General Secretary for Media, at the Ministry of Interior and before that, the communications department of a governing party.

Fay has a variety of skills that include politics, economics, public administration, campaigning, retail and waitressing. In Interweave she is the one and only Operations Manager, making sure pays are being made and contracts are getting signed.

War is the continuation of politics by other means

Carl von Clausewitz

Magda is a restless spirit in an interconnected world. She is fascinated by social media, and more specifically, with how they can serve social causes and support better living. In fact, she is pursuing a Phd on this issue alongside with graduate studies on informatics and management.

She has profound experience in communication, being a vital member of a very demanding political team during national elections in Greece. She can also run very complex projects, as she did in various government positions for many years, especially in the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Administrative Reform and E-Government. Magda is also a keen start-upper and she has helped with the organization and day-to-day operations of start-ups such as BigStash and Long Access.

A reformer by heart and a team-worker, she combines (Scorpion’s) passion with power and self-confidence. A great combination, don’t you think?

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Getting the job done and having fun while at it, is Eleonora’s middle name. A PR and marketing communications professional with strong experience in managing accounts and complex communications programs for multinational and local clients in a series of different sectors, Eleonora joined Interweave as a group account director, after a decade of successful agency and client work. After graduating from the University of Surrey, where she studied politics and international studies, Eleonora joined Advocate / Burson-Marsteller as a trainee, but quickly rose the ranks to eventually become a director. Her work for a range of clients from a broad spectrum of industries, spanning corporate, FMCG, retail, technology, politics and more, won her invaluable life lessons, as well as multiple national and international awards. Always looking for new challenges, Eleonora left #agencylife to pursue some in-house fun at Vodafone’s youth segment, where she transformed her PR position into a multi-dimensional communications role. At Vodafone CU, she designed and implemented an integrated brand content strategy that turned the brand’s social channels into main marketing brand touchpoints, as well as solid brand differentiators. In short, brand Instagram stories and YouTube shows that rocked. She goes by starting each day with a smile and infuses it with creativity, resourcefulness and strategic thinking, usually well after office hours. All that energy is channeled in yoga sessions or hangouts with friends. Yes, she doesn’t get much sleep. A nature lover, she is a keen scuba diver, loves all animals and grows succulents in her balcony, all of which have names and -according to her- distinct personalities. Her bucket list includes traveling to extraordinary places and eventually seeing a snow leopard.

“And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be crazy, by those who could not hear the music.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

You will always find a book in her bag, you might run into her in Kung Fu championships (as a participant, not a viewer) and her unique personality wows you – a communications expert that is living life the simple way, appreciating arts and giving to causes that better the world.

Having graduated from the Communication and Culture Media Department of the University of Athens, with a strong aspiration to become a journalist, Myrto left for Paris to work on her master on Communication in Politics and see what else is out there. Her internship in France was bound to shift her interests towards research, monitoring and communication on behalf of big brands and governmental institutions and that led her to stay in Paris for three years, working on global and impactful projects, such as Barclays, Danone, ERDF, Guggenheim, ESA, Parti Socialiste, UMP and the Presidential Elections of 2012. Having discovered this whole new career prospect, she returned to Greece and joined Advocate, a PR agency in which, she managed the corporate communication of multinational companies, such as SEV, PepsiCo, Athenian Brewery, ΒΑΤ (British American Tobacco), Siemens and Baxter, always nurturing her soft spot for CSR practices.

Eventually, working with a social cause in mind brought her to Centre for Life, an organization that provides the necessary assistance to people living with HIV and their families, in which she was requested to build the Communication department from scratch. Myrto took on the challenge with excitement and created something that she and her team are proud of to this day. In her words, nothing is more rewarding than working on projects that serve a greater goal and have a significant social impact.

Having noticed that digital practices are the feature of communication, she joined Interweave, bringing her 10 years of experience, her excellent organization and team management skills and her deep understanding for communication to the table.

When she is not at the office, she works out, attends music festivals and writes on a blog about the theatre scene of Greece. If you want to meet her, ask her out for dinner – she adores good food and even better company!

Maybe it's not about happy ending. Maybe it's about the story

Like what you see?

Artemis, our thoughtful and adaptable Account Executive, comes with a cheerful energy from Lefkas, carrying the sea in her heart, melody in her soul, trust in her voice! After receiving her first Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering Education, she continued with a second Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in A.S.PAI.T.E, as well as  a mini MBA in Business Administration at the Kapodistrian University of Athens.

As soon as she completed her second bachelor in 2009, she started her career in CPI SA company. There, her natural assisting mindset and generous problem-solving attitude shone, and soon she was upgraded from the Call Center to a Service Coordinator for Lenovo, taking Customer Care one step beyond by building strong relationships with clients, who knew her by her name and would enquire to be assisted by her. Later she was upgraded to service Quotations Management and Reporting, negotiating contracts and making financial reporting.

Although she offered her exceptional services for almost 10 years in CPI SA, it was time to pursue her dream: Enter the fascinating, fast-paced world of Marketing. So, here she is in Interweave with her strong communication skills and passion about client relations, making contracts and handling management acting as an intermediate between the client and the company.
Her name represents the goddess of wilderness and, although wild at heart, she is the definition of a genuine, courteously helpful spirit with a passion for communication and love for the people, that drive her to enjoy extremely her inherent problem-solving tendency in her job.

A natural born explorer, she tries to make a long-distance trip every year and she achieves it! Her trip to a yoga retreat in Zanzibar was a lifetime experience, as she awesomely combined her timeless love for the sea with well-being activities. There, she was delighted to devote time not only in wellness but also in charity for a children foundation. After all, offering is as recreational as leisuring!

“Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive”

Matt Cameron

From the very early beginning of her life, Vera has been a genuine and constant enthusiast of the challenging but always exciting world of digital marketing.

Having studied Media and Communications in the University of Sussex, UK, that she earned her BA from, she has been kept busy in various environments such as tourism, culture and education – having, therefore, to boast a quite rich portfolio of projects to all the above sectors that involve different work posts, such as Social Media Ambassador at the University of Sussex, Digital Communications Manager at Hotel Dendrolivano Kefalonia, PR Assistant at Brighton Festival, etc.

A hard-working talent, Vera possesses several organisational and communication skills that come along with her own professional abilities and aspirations, that make a brilliant fit with Interweave’s UK based offices’s needs: effective-lists’ maker so as to effectively manage challenging projects; metrics driver marketer, so as to decode data and collect useful insights; storyteller, so as to create useful content for real people; driven team player, so as to inspire people that she works with.

Last but not least, Vera’s organisational and fun attitude is being proved even not at work, planning for her next weekend abroad (or travel experience). She is the epitome of a foodie shopaholic and her biggest guilty passions are fashion and fine chocolate

There is nothing impossible to the one who will try!

Αs his title would suggest, Aris has always been passionate about innovation. From a very young age, he has been passionate about technology and curious to learn everything he could about whatever the fresh, new thing was. The bleeding edge, as some would call it.

Contemplating (and subsequently rejecting) potential careers in an expansive range of fields, -including stand up comedy- and following a very close brush with a career in programming, Aris ultimately decided to focus his studies on the fields of Business and Marketing.

Upon receiving his ΒSc in Business Administration from the American College of Greece, he decided to further expand upon his studies and travelled to Nottingham, where he pursued a Master’s Degree in Marketing.

His professional life started at Goody’s where he very quickly took on the position of Assistant Brand Manager, honing his skills in Digital Marketing and Social media strategy and putting them to practice. However, having been exposed to the world of advertising agencies from a young age, Aris ultimately decided to gravitate towards that universe, as to him, great agencies are instigators; made up of teams from all sorts of disciplines, they are the ones who are willing to walk on the precipice of that aforementioned bleeding edge, to bring innovation from theory to fruition, to make art that serves a purpose and achieves results.

Before joining Interweave, Aris held the position of Αccount Director at Publicis One, working with a diverse variety of clients, including Nestle, Heineken, P&G, Coca-Cola and LG, working on client care and growth, as well as the coordination of cross-functional teams. He joins us now with an additional title, that of Innovation Manager, bringing his insights and his outside-the-box perspective to the team.

If you don't give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.

Jack Ma

Dimitris is a passionate Account Manager who blends academic studies in Marketing with hands-on experience in strategic analysis, sales and customer service. Adept at helping clients to achieve their marketing goals by providing solutions for future growth, he has worked on various FMCG projects focusing on expansion blueprints. Has a strong understanding of cultural and business norms, having worked in UK, Argentina and Greece. He believes that inspiration for great ideas can be found anywhere, especially in the most unlikely places. The key is to have the eyes and mind open.
He is a keen traveler with his favourite experience so far to be the wild and windswept Patagonia. Also a foodie with a very sweet tooth, he loves exploring new worlds through gastronomy.

Work hard in silence, let success make all the noise

Margarita was born in Athens. Literature and Poetry have fascinated her since she was young, which led her to study Greek Literature in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. During her studies she worked for a governing party as an Associate at the Press and Media sector and later at the Prime Minister’s press office. Prompted by her interest and great passion for theatre, she decided to continue her studies in the field of Theatre and the Arts.

Margarita has a strong belief that the Arts can help people evolve and develop higher skills of communication, such as empathy and insight. As a member of the Interweave team, she enthusiastically takes up her assignments heads on, seeing them as an exciting opportunity to develop her skills in the digital communications universe.

Think out of the box

Zeta is never tired of listening, observing and understanding. People and brands are on top of her investigation ‘play list’. After her studies in marketing, communication and political philosophy, she has engaged in conversations with hundreds of consumers and business stakeholders during her 15 years of work experience as market researcher. She has discovered insights and draw marketing and communication strategies (online / offline) for many product categories and brands (prominent among them; OTE, Novartis, Janssen-Cilag, Johnson & Johnson, Minerva, Coca Cola, Kallimanis, Visitgreece, Friesland, etc).

As a mix of “Sherlock Holmes” and Sun Tzu, she is skilled in analyzing meaning of human / consumer behavior, generating market insights and defining strategy and tactics for digital brand strategies and engaging campaigns.

She is a proud mama and highly trained to endure ‘painfully’ pressing and emergency conditions.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Sun Tzu

Lydia has always been enchanted from storytellers and that was the reason why her dream was to become one of them when she would be a grown up. Years and years went by, and she finally decided to take her chances with it: she studied Mass Media and Communication, as well as, Political Communication with a brief stopover at a Drama School, which confirmed her (strong) suspicion that she was definitely not born to be that wild in her storytelling career.

Being grateful of the precious things her working experience as broadcast journalist, as well as, writer and editor at newspapers and magazines taught her- things like the charm hidden between the lines and the balm that ink may sometimes offer in people’s lives -, she was lucky enough to meet the Interweavers that made her discover the true beauty that words shall have in digital- and that is, real- world: creating words for brands, putting them in a digital canal and letting them start their journey in people’s minds and hearts is the most fascinating story that she could ever imagine herself telling.

If you don't step one of your feet out of the Earth, you will never stand with both of them on it.

Odysseas Elitis

Sissy graduated from Vakalo School of Arts and Design. She was lured into digital sorcery early on in her career, working at yellow net road and then on at OgilvyOne Worldwide Athens for ten years.

She has been a hard working digital “miner” digging into a wide range of projects or clients such as IKEA, OTE, DEI, Bacardi, Heineken, Vichy and Fage, from websites to corporate identity to display campaigns and mobile applications, crafting the imagery that gives life to user experiences. Her projects have been awarded with a Lovie and People’s Lovie Award – for Best Website Design, FWA of the Day, Awwwards Site of the Day and Honorouble Mentions, Cssdesignawards Site of the Day and Special Kudos, Ermis and EBGE.

A pixel spatter analyst as she likes to call herself, she loves travelling, drinking cocktails, cooking, watching tv series and also keeps a diary of her pixels at lokoexe.com.

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

Growing up in the gorgeous island of Zakynthos, Dionisis had no shortage of inspiring images surrounding him at all times. Early in life, he found he had quite a knack at putting those images on paper and he discovered he really enjoyed sketching and designing landscapes, bringing them to life through his eyes.  The path forward, he knew, had to have something to do with design- but at what capacity? After a bit of soul-searching he decided that what he wanted to do most of all was to craft amazing interactive experiences for some of the biggest brands out there – and that’s what he’s setting out to do here at Interweave.
But we’re getting ahead of ourselves: before he joined us here in Athens, Dionysis had to leave his beautiful island behind to study Graphic Design at the Athens TEI. It was there he realized website design was a passion of his, as he considers it to be a dynamic, challenging field where not only are you going up against some of the world’s greatest innovators, you also have to seamlessly  marry creativity and skill to create one-of-a-kind user experiences. His early forays into the field, besides giving him valuable experience, also earned him an EVGE award in the General Illustration category.
Besides being an awesome designer, Dionisis is also a sports and fitness enthusiast. He is an amateur basketball player and always finds a way to practise his favorite sport no matter what city he lives in and he also loves to run- he even almost single handedly organized a running event for his hometown of Zakynthos. We think great achievers like Dionysis feel right at home at Interweave- and we are happy to have him with us!

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchil

Gregory studied graphic design at the University of West Attica (formerly the Athens Technological Education Institute), and went on to follow his passion in digital design at the Vakalo Art and Design College. A veritable UI/UX designer, he has an eye for detail and an obsession for optimising pixels to create the best, most smooth and intuitive experience in all his projects. Collaborating with a number of agencies, startups and NGOs, he worked to design meticulous websites and digital experiences, mainly for travel and culture businesses and institutions.

A curious traveller, he loves the great outdoors, nature in general, reading psychology and boxing, and is planning a trip to Kazakhstan (any day now!)

"Less is more."

Good vibes, vibrant energy, genuineness and a keen eye for photography! George entered the world of photography inherently, as he remembers himself sneaking the camera from his parents, from a very young age. After his studies in Civil Engineering, was time to begin his journey in the Art of Analogue Black & White Photography and continued in mastering the Art and Techniques of Digital Photography.

Harmoniously balancing from travel and documentary vivid themes to food and still life commercial photography, George incorporates his personal creative vision in powerful and aesthetically compelling images, illustrating the beauty and eliciting meanings through his shots, while he has excelled in creating great compositions. Capturing images in black and white and live band performances have a special place in his heart, especially when it comes to indie music, which he really loves.

Being the photographer of the Lappas Awards, the first art residency in Greece, he narrowed the creative background of the «Lappas Award Miners» exhibiting his work in the Technopolis of Athens in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts, which, among numerous collective exhibitions, was his biggest moment in the documentary field. George joined Interweave after several years of work as a main commercial photographer in the press and media, for LiFO and other popular print and online magazines.

His love and care for nature and everything green extends to the Universe and the infinite fascination of the Cosmic Energy, meanwhile on earth, he uses his feet to walk and cycle, never missing the chance to get out there and get close to nature.  A sugarholic at heart, ice cream is beyond an addiction to him. It is a feeling.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy”

Dalai Lama

Kostis Sotirakos graduated from the Graphic Design Department of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) in Athens, Greece. During that time, he spent an instructive year as an Erasmus student in the School of Visual Arts in Orleans, France. There he participated in several design workshops like Chaumont Poster Festival. Back in Athens, he worked for K2Design (2005) and Busybuilding (2007-2015). Now, he is teaching educational programs for children for the Onassis Cultural Center. Although it is hard to tutor young children, he is proud to be part of this process. His work has been recognized in several international poster design festivals. His working experience is based in visual identity, environmental graphics, packaging, branding, print, campaign, illustration and poster design. Kostis is passionate for traveling and seeks inspiration from all over the world. A trip to Tahiti he took by himself was one of the greatest experiences of his life.

A lifelong artist, Nikolas is a talented Visual Designer, the creative genius behind visuals of popular brands ads, such as Loumidis Coffee, Mykonos Super Paradise, Jacobs Coffee, City of Athens, Minerva Horio.

Since 2010, when he acquired his certificate as a Technician of Informatics Applications with Multimedia, Nikolas has worked as a freelancer and in the advertising sector sharing his innovative ideas with the world, creating, designing and incorporating great concepts in influential and appealing advertisements, digitally and offline.

Even when he moved to the other hemisphere, to Australia, he didn’t stop to beautify the digital world with his enticing concepts. Coming back in 2014, was the biggest moment in his life. And, it was big in every aspect, as the journey from Australia lasted one month, travelling through the US and central Europe in 6 big cities, with the sunshine in his mind and great experiences in his luggage. Back to Greece, brimming with fresh ideas, he enriched his portfolio with more innovative creative content, devoting his talent to engaging, concept-driven missions that finally connect brands with people.

What he loves most about his job are the deadlines. Not! In fact, he loves everything about his job so much, that he eats faster than his shadow just to return to his creative activity. Besides, everyone knows that, for a brain storming with ideas that need to come to action, other indulgences are optional.

In his free time, his restless artistic spirit doesn’t sleep. He unleashes his skillful impulse through drawing and feeds his lust for art visiting museums and exhibitions.

Let your work do the talk

The thing about origin stories is that everyone is tired of them (thank you for that, Spider-Man and X-Men movie franchises) so the only thing you need to know about Naya’s early years is that she wanted to become a painter, an industrial designer, a director of photography in movies, a professional athlete of some kind and an oceanographer. She’s still that decisive of a person.

She ended up studying Audio-visual Arts at the Ionian University, where she was introduced for the first time to the magical world of interactive storytelling through new media. And it was then that things started to gain some perspective.

For the past 9 years, she’d been working as a journalist for various print and digital media publications –from Pop&Rock to Konteiner magazine of Eleftherotypia, LIFO and FAQ free press. She served as an Editor in Chief at Queen.gr, running a team of 10 people and numerous contractors, which eventually was awarded the Silver Award in Native Advertising and Content Marking in 2014’s DIMEs (Digital Media Awards). Moving on to MTV, she worked as a Managing Editor and Writer on RISE, being also one of its founding members. During that period she collaborated with VICE Greece and Provocateur for a series of op-eds. Her last job as a journalist was at HuffPost Greece where, as a Trends & Culture Editor, she dived head-first into her favorite subjects: the internet, arts, design, digital innovations, travel and smashing the patriarchy. There she had the opportunity to collaborate with RYOT, Bryn Mooser’s immersive media company that specializes in documentary film and commercial production, learning the various uses of virtual and augmented reality in the service of storytelling. In the meantime, she worked closely with the marketing department, crafting impeccable native pieces for esteemed brands, such as COSMOTE TV, Famous Grouse and FOX International Channels.

Advertising had always been her happy place (hey, she never claimed to be normal). She dreamed of writing her own wittily inspiring scripts one day, that would be transformed into mind-blowing ads of their own. And thus, came the day she joined Interweave and got her first assignment as a copywriter.

Naya breathes pop culture, her life soundtrack is orchestrated by The National, believes in the church of Douglas Adams and gets really, really excited when you mention marathons, mixed martial arts and Harry Potter. Her endgame is to one day embark on a permanent vacation in the Faroe Islands.


Rosa Parks

Having spent her childhood in France, Marine pursued her dream to create beautiful stories by graduating with a BA in Media and Communications from the University of Sussex. Combining her keen visual eye and love of writing, she channeled her passion for beauty, luxury goods and creativity into her work as an editor in several online magazines (among which is also Promenade).

Convinced that writing opens up a whole new world of possibilities, Marine has always had a fertile imagination that drove her to craft stories since a young age. That’s the reason why she considers advertising as one of the most exciting challenges she has ever met: telling beautiful brand stories through the right words – those that can express and convey a whole palette of feelings and experiences.

Curious by nature, Marine has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, constantly learning and exploring new topics – among which the ways traditional marketing can be combined with innovative technology to create amazing projects.

Merging her creativity with her planning and organisational skills, her great enthusiasm and detail-oriented character are being put to good use at Interweave’s UK office. In her free time, you will most definitely find her watching a documentary, writing a novel at home or indulging in a sweet treat.

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

J.K Rowling

Maro studied contemporary history, politics and international relations in Greece and the UK (she earned her MA in European Politics from Essex University). She has been fascinated with the power of the written word from the day her mother, in an effort to make her rebellious daughter write that boring school assignment, told her that one can write pages upon pages about a single grey stone. She has been playing with words and working with them ever since: initially as a reporter and a writing tutor, then as a copywriter, a speechwriter, a content designer, a content marketer and a communications consultant. Naturally curious about (almost) everything, she quickly fell in love with the internet taking her words there too, creating content for web sites –and managing web projects along the way – and participating, managing and creating active online communities. She has worked in many exciting projects in the fields of hospitality, tourism, politics, energy efficiency and health (including the GNTO social media strategy design and implementation, the Intelen communication strategy and the city of Athens digital presence).

Travelling less that she would have wanted, she is trying to grow a Himalayan banana tree, a palm and a patch of Japanese Blood Grass in her tiny balcony to bring a hint of the exotic in her home – the Blood grass sounds more exciting than it really is, but that’s the power of the word, isn’t it?

Νo eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.

Jim Morrison

A passionate, free and fearless girl in fancy socks! Fotini is our talented Jr. Social Media Marketing Executive, with Communication and Mass Media Studies in the Panteion University and a hands-on background in the broadcasting and entertainment sector. With an agile experience in content creation and social media management for the spectacular world of web tv, radio shows and music promotion, such as STAR channel, ERT S.A and Soul M.G.M.T music agency in Brussels,  she now extends her talent in social media marketing content infused with her unique, positive and free-spirited perception and creative strategic writing. Besides, this is her true love: Communication and interaction with people and the knowledge that even one person can stop for a moment and consider about something she has written, inciting a feeling or offering a solution to a problem is her motivation and incentive. As she is in an early career stage, she appreciates and enjoys greatly those precious moments that she learns something new and delves deeper into it.

Curious and restless by nature, her dream is to travel and enjoy as much experiences this world has to offer, with New York and Iceland -to sip those magnificent Aurora Borealis views-, topping her bucket list. And her appetite for motion and indulgence doesn’t stop there; She loves car rides and music that makes her mind travel and her feet dance, while her mouth is always watering for a juicy burger or a delicious cocktail.

"Life is for the brave"

Contemplating her professional future, Konstantina was sure of one thing. She wanted to work around (and for) people. Lots and lots of people. That proclivity can be attributed to the fact that her family used to own a restaurant when she was young. This was where she spent a lot of her time in the midst of a hub of human voices and general merrymaking-  and this was where she also learned the value of generous service that carries onto her career to this very day.

And how did she get to where she is on this very day you ask? It was a particularly inspiring professor that she came across in her days as an Economics Student in the University of Komotini, that steered her towards the field of Marketing. There, she saw an opportunity to pursue an occupation that, to her eyes, did exactly what she  had always wanted to do: it examines and attends to human needs on a large scale and thereupon decided to get her Msc in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde — with a particular emphasis on the International part as this was the aspect of the degree she found most challenging and diverse.

Upon returning to Greece she immediately threw herself into work, working with small and medium business, assisting with their marketing plans, and focusing on consulting and researching. An opportunity at Interweave brought Konstantina to Athens, where she became a member of our team. Here, she is instrumental in assisting in the day-to-day management of operations, drafting marketing plans, talent recruitment and onboarding and offboarding processes.

That’s not all to say that Konstantina doesn’t have a creative side to her- quite the opposite! She is also an amateur photographer and a free writer, citing nature and the world around her as her inspiration.

Reach what you cannot.

Nikos Kazantzakis

Originally from the amazing island of Naxos, Eirini studied economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business, and did her MSc in Marketing in the UPF Barcelona School of Management. Having found her true calling in data analysis, Eirini started her digital media career in her beloved Barcelona, working at TravelClick for established travel brands in London, Spain and Middle East, as a digital media analyst. A results driven individual, she spices her data wizardry with self motivation, creativity and attention to detail.

Harboring a wandering soul, she loves to travel and finds herself constantly drawn to the sea  (she is an islander after all). And, when she is not crunching numbers to unveil the behavioral patterns behind them, you will find her editing her travel photos to create works of art, or learning foreign languages!

Cap ou pas cap

Having studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, Andreas Hatzifotis has always had a small suspicion that he may had fallen into the magic potion of megapixels when we was a little boy: from day one of his career, he has been relentlessly pursuing the next fresh idea, always experimenting on new formulas and using cutting-edge, innovative tools.

Ingeniously combined with commitment and professionalism, his talent has enhanced and furthered his ability to generate code in every possible programming language (PHP, Python, Java and C++ being mere samples). Throughout the years, he has managed a wide variety of project teams to which he contributed from a wide variety of positions as well: front and back-end developer, architect, software engineer, technical advisor, lead engineer, even designer in some cases – and of course, Head of Technology, the role that he now holds at Interweave.

Having lots of national, European and global awards in his résumé (such as Awwwards, FWA, CSS Design Awards, The Lovie Awards etc), Andreas is proud of several projects that he has worked on, among which the information system LYSIAS I.S. that he created in its totality for the legal department of EYDAP (2009-2012). Other clients include SEAT, Vodafone, Minerva, Horio, METAXA and the European Parliament. Through his own personal initiative, Andreas has also initiated or contributed to a number of startups, including Smoky Pixel, Exit Bee and Harvantics, a social media monitoring tool.

The very rare moments that he doesn’t think of coding, he likes exploring beauty with his snowboard plank, relaxing through cooking or playing poker– even as his friends wonder whether there’s a chance that his future children won’t turn out to be teeny-tiny computers whose native tongue is COW programming language!

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.

Dean Karnazes

Maya is an Athens based graphic & web designer, graduated from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. She has worked as a graphic and web designer in companies alongside highly experienced professionals.

The knowledge that she gained from these co-operations provided her with the necessary qualifications, in order to create effective visual company identities, and taught her how to interact with people in order to come up with creative solutions for their needs.

Recently, she has been focused on web coding, specifically on HTML5 and CSS3.

Her main goal is always to provide the most effective solutions at the highest of standards and constantly upgrade her skills.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney

Fotis studied Computer Science at Athens University of Economics and Business and since 2007 he has been coding incessantly. He also holds a master’s degree in Health Informatics and is considering getting a PhD in the same field.


Despite being a manic Web Developer, he approaches all projects from every angle, every stage, thus analyzing demands, design and the coding necessary. He tries to be aware of and come into contact with all new, web-related technologies.


He is a strong supporter of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and open data. As a WordPress expert, he pushes the WordPress limits, as well as his own, with every project. He develops PHP (native or frameworks) and couples Javascript, CSS and HTML, always in keeping with the more recent and highest standards.


Since 2007 he has been actively participating in small and large-scale projects; as a consultant or as the Senior Web Developer. He has written code and consulted in innovative projects relating to participatory democracy and transparency, while he has also created dozens of websites for organizations and companies. He was part of the team that work on OpenGov, the eGovernment Secretariat of the Prime Minister (in Greece), and collaborates with organizations such as ELIAMEP, the Cyprus Antidrug Council, the Ministry of Education, GRNET, GFOSS and more.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

Douglas Adams

Akis is a ninja Web Developer, with studies in Electronic Computing Systems Engineering at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus. A detail-oriented and passionate coder as he is, he loves front-end web development, bringing the designer’s concept to life up-to-the last pixel, through HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript. As he admits, the more demanding and challenging the project, the more the pleasure!

Throughout his 8+ years of experience as a freelancer in custom website development, collaborating with creative agencies for a worldwide clientele, he has a rich portfolio in creating stylish and functional websites mainly in the Hotel, Wellness and Design sector. Some standout examples are AforAthens.com, Europeandesign.org, 61ninth.com and Tinos.gr. His keen eye for the detail takes him one step beyond than creating flawless responsive websites; he strives to deliver a high-quality outcome built in accordance with web standards, tailoring a seamless experience even for users with reduced accessibility.

One of his favourite parts of his job is to learn new technologies and methodologies, and the fascination to experiment and implement them in fresh, innovative ideas in every new project. Prompted by a QR code scanning app he developed for the “What’s Up Nights” music events by Cosmote, he discovered the exciting world of mobile applications development and delved into it. Even though this is not the main object of his work, he spends his free time experimenting with some Raspberry Pi and developing homemade, non-commercial android applications.
Meanwhile, in the real, non-pixel world, he finds delight in the moments he spends taking up jigsaw puzzles with his princess, enjoy a play at the theater or play a basketball game with friends. Last, not least, he loves music and never misses the chance to put his headphones on and get wonderfully lost in the timeless sounds of classical music.


I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Evaggelia is an upbeat Junior Web Developer that has studied Informatics Engineering in the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. With a diverse 4 years experience on website building tasks and a growing set of skills such as web design, website optimization and SEO, she has worked as a web developer in several companies and projects mainly in the travel industry, such as the websites of the hotels Santorini Princess, Infinity Collection Santorini, Mykonos View and more.

With every line of code she writes, her aim is to deliver a high quality outcome for well-designed and functional websites. As a team player, she is always willing to offer that small little thing that matters in her working environment to assist her in learning new traits in her field. She aspires to be a cutting-edge programmer, coding like a drummer, literally: In her free time, she loves playing the drums and crafting new songs with her band. And, yes, she drinks coffee like there is no tomorrow, which probably explains her perpetual energy!

It is the rhythm that gives her own personal style, and if she were to pick a favorite programming language, it would be Javascript. Devotion, efficiency and precision, are values firmly connected with everything she does, and she really enjoys it.

“Ιmperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”

Marilyn Monroe

Vassili is a true modern Renaissance man, with a wide breadth of academic and professional experience. He began his studies in Paris, at Ipesup and at Paris II law school. After moving to Athens, he got a BA in Communications at the American College of Greece and also graduated in Greek literature at the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens.

A watershed moment in his life however, was his participation in the Athens 2004 Olympics, an experience that, as he would tell you, completely changed his life. Throughout his involvement, which spanned a total of 4 years (from 2002 to 2006), he served as editor in chief of the official French Website of the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games, administrator of the trilingual digital communication department, as well as close collaborator with the Communications Bureau, the International Relations Department and the International Media Desk. He headed the security, medical services and environment sections of the trilingual official Olympic and Paralympic website.

His first professional experience was at the Paris office of Skadden Arps law firm but his business development skills were built when Vassili became the Business Development and International Activity Manager for renowned French architect Guillaume Alan from 2007 to 2015 in Paris and London. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of polymeris.org, a trilingual website and newsletter on international organisations.

He joined the Interweave team as a Business Development Manager in Paris, starting our activity in the markets of France, Belgium and Switzerland. He had previously collaborated with Interweave as an editor-in-chief for all our French content and we are happy to have him on board as a member of our team this time around!

Vassili is also an avid traveler, having travelled to every continent of the globe. He speaks five languages, enjoys a bit of football, tennis, basketball and snowboard and he has, since as far as he can remember, a passion for the cinema.

“Sing to me, Muse, of that man with so many different skills who has traveled widely.”

Homer, The Odyssey

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