CLIENT: Athens Voice


Reimagine, rethink, and rebuild

Τhe goal

To reimagine, rethink and rebuild one of the largest news/publisher websites in Greece: the digital home of the largest in circulation free press publication in the country, When we were assigned this project, we knew we wouldn’t be happy with a simple redesign. That’s why, at a top line level, we wanted this to be the most innovative and functional website of its kind in all of Southern Europe. What we ended up with was a complete product rethink. From top to bottom, from the logo to the content, from the architecture to the design, from the development to the infrastructure – we left no stone unturned.

Athens Voice Desktop Website Athens Voice Mobile Preview Responsive Website

How we did it?

By respecting the users and their needs, and making it easy for them to fulfill them in the easiest, most effective way

By respecting the administrators and their valuable time

By showing off the wealth of content available in the website

By making sure Technology, design & UX work together subtly and in harmony

By making a heavy content website responsive and easy to load, tending to the mobile user’s needs and above all, going easy on their data plan.

More than that, we created a living organism, a work that keeps evolving in ways dependant on the person “behind the wheel,” the administrator.

Let’s have a closer look

The site is built on a number of winning strategies: Starting with the logo, the website’s full visual identity was revisited to accommodate a new, fresher positioning , a revitalized personality for Athens Voice. A thorough study was made both on the architecture of the website and the classification of its content with the main focus put on the observation of user behavior. The study included user focus groups, one on one in-depth usability interviews, a lot (a lot!) of desk research and global best practices analysis, as well as questionnaires targeted to existing users to gauge their needs and figure out which parts of the old website they enjoyed the most.

Athens Voice visual identity
Athens Voice Wireframes
Website styleguide

Brand New Features

We introduced new types of pages and content types, as well as new features and templates that organize information in a different way. We also managed to introduce many small tweaks and optimizations without completely changing the environment, preserving the feeling of familiarity for the user.

Interweave accepted the challenge rebuild one of the largest news/publisher websites in Greece
From top to bottom Interweave created an innovative and functional website for Athens Voice
Athens Voice's recipes section created by Interweave
Recipe section for Athens Voice magazine designed by Interweave
Readers can share photos on Athens Voice's website
Interweave designed a landing page for social for Athens Voice magazine
Interweave respected the users' needs and made it easy for them to fulfill them in the easiest, most effective way
Interweave design a zodiac signs page for Athens Voice
Zodiac signs page has a glossary which explain different elements of zodiac signs
Interweave created a platform into website in order readers to be able to share what they want to
Interweave created an archive where readers can have access to previous magazine issues
Athens Voice share material of previous magazine issues
Interweave got the challenge to create an innovative website
On Athens Voice's newsfeed readers can take a look at tagged news
Athens Voice magazine concludes suggestions for food
Interweave craeted the website in a way that helps readers check quickly the latest news
What Interweave ended up with was a complete product rethink
Interweave set the goal Athens Voice be the most innovative and functional website of its kind in all of Southern Europe
Athens Voice perceives that making movie suggestions to readers is really helpful for them
Athens Voice suggest lists of current events to her readers
Athens Voice has that vibe that anyone would want to join and Interweave designed the right platform for employees' bios
Interweave designed the Athens Voice's website in a way that readers can search the articles of journalists they like via their bio
Interweave created categories on Athens Voice magazine's website
Athens Voice suggests different books to readers, as she perceives their needs
Interweave perceived how important is for readers to read their news on a friendly and well designed platform in order their experience to be easy
Athens Voive could not mmiss the cultural news of the city
Design Template

A Paradigm Shift

The old website was created on an outdated version of Drupal which could not be updated. To resolve this, we wrote scripts that would implement all the data copying and moving process from the old database to the new one, as the redesign demanded new content types and new fields to be created. Theming was also built from scratch, as the new design was radically different than the previous one. Most importantly, we executed the tricky of task of migrating the old website’s content and classified everything under the new layout.


Conquering Compatibility

The site had to be compatible with a wide array of devices and browsers (desktop and mobile/tablet) and have a quick, modern user experience. The challenge was to make everything compatible to everything without sacrificing functionality. Fun fact: the site was even tested on Windows XP!

A brand new
city guide

A brand new city guide

Visual Browsing
of the AV Content

Visual Browsing of the AV Content

Visual Browsing
of the AV Content

New Content
Types throughout
the website

A new
SEO friendly

email marketing
subscription features

A unique
landing page
for everything

Custom made
signs icons

Custom made signs icons

A new approach on
social & viral content

A new approach on social & viral content

A superior
mobile experience

A superior mobile experience

A superior
mobile experience

A superior mobile experience

AV Cover

This cover is dedicated to the new Athens Voice website, The inspiration behind it was our way of approaching the redesign and the methodology behind the functional and architectural design of the website. We started by setting and taking care of the user’s online experience on a simple article page and worked from there to the more complicated ones. To that end, we used the tiniest (yet so essential) graphic element, the menu icon, to create a composition that communicates a complete creation, starting from the single unit to the final summation of elements.

A/B Testing
Art Direction
Back End Development
Community Management
Content development
Content Strategy
Content Strategy & Planning
Creative direction
Front End Development
Information Architecture
Insights & Analytics
Product Development
SEO strategy
October 2015


more than




months of



months of


more than


hours of

user testing

a team of



more than


pages of

content migrated

and checked

Special Thanks

Interweave would like to extend its sincere gratitude to Fotis Georgeles, for the trust he showed us throughout this project, Angeliki Birbili for helping us in our analysis, as well as Vangelis and Vaios for the precious help.

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