Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy & Marketing website rethinking


Weengs, a London-based logistics company, pivoted changing from a B2C mobile app-based to a B2B brand, whose main platform would be its website. The relaunch of Weengs was focused on designing a tailor made SEO, performance & communications strategy along with a brand-new marketing website based on its USP’s against the competition. We worked closely with the founders and the product team to deliver a holistic digital marketing strategy that delivers conversions and results.

Weengs, a London-based logistics company

The solution

Knowing that Weengs’ marketing website would be its main platform to acquire leads, a focus on its unique value propositions and audiences was necessary. The swift from a B2C to a B2B brand meant a total rethinking of the needs of each one of the target audiences and how Weengs could provide real solutions.

Ultimately, these would define both the re-design of the marketing website and the communications and performance marketing strategy of the product. The goal was to create a sustainable, scalable growth machine which would promote Weengs as a trustworthy logistics company and bring sales.

The goal was to create a sustainable, scalable growth machine

A brand-new website

Following an extensive analysis of the audiences and Weengs’ solutions, each and every page of the website was designed with these two in mind. Aiming from the beginning to use each page of the website as a unique landing page targeting different audiences with relevant content and solutions, a user/audience-centric approach was implemented across all pages.

Multiple template designs were created, while animation and custom made illustrations completed the user experience in pages such as ‘How it works’.

Interweave created multiple designs and completed the user experience with animation and custom made illustrations
Interweave helped Weengs to proceed to company's website's rethinking
Interweave created many template designs to complete the user experience in pages such as
Custom made illustrations on Weengs' website
Design Template

Custom-made illustrations

As part of Weengs’ relaunch, the focus was on explaining the world how Weengs end to end fulfilment service works.

The How It Works page was made with custom illustrations based on each step of Weengs’ process. The goal was to showcase in one page how Weengs’ support could truly put at ease all businesses every step of the way.

Custom-made illustrations

Conquering SEO and performance

As part of Weengs’ sales targets, SEO services were provided, aiming to increase organic visits from search engines and the website visits as a whole.

Most importantly though, Interweave’s goal was to secure a good quality of visits that would have better performance compared to most of the sources in analytics such as bounce rate, pages/visit and average visit duration. Successfully, had a 104% increase in organic search visits within only 5 months.

Focusing on a result-oriented approach, Interweave created the whole media plan and run numerous campaigns and ads in several platforms in order to increase visitors on the website and boost sales.

Different ad tactics were tested throughout this process such as Google Search, Branded Google Search, Google Display Network (GDN), LinkedIn, Gmail ads etc. After constant optimisation and testing, a total of 3.7M impressions was gained by the ads (by October 2017) with the minimum media spending.

Conquering SEO and performance

Digital-first content creation

For the needs of both the website and the campaigns, we were assigned to run a production where we would produce numerous materials in several locations around London. Our target was to catch the right shots which would portray the audience and the drivers of Weengs, delivering or collecting items/packages. Taking a closer look on the content produced, a specific look and feel was followed in an attempt to showcase the values and services of Weengs the best way possible.



increase in organic search

visits within 5 months


decrease in bounce rate (total)


increase in pages per visit (total)


increase in average visit duration (total)


Impressions on ads

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