Dimitris Pantazis

Content Creator & Social Media Manager

Dimitris, our content creator and social media manager comes from Evia, although he has been an Athenian long enough to call our base his home. His inclination towards marketing was evident early on from his choice of studies, Commerce and Advertising, followed by a postgraduate in New Technologies in Marketing and Communications. His formal marketing education was further expanded with e-learning classes as well as a career path attesting to a diverse and dynamic professional. 


Making his first steps in a startup environment, he learned a lot about marketing and agile teamwork first hand. A villa rental platform was the perfect space for the young professional to test his marketing powers on social media and his interpersonal skills in client handling. A robust career had already begun to materialize with his next move including a turn towards affiliate marketing when he joined 24Media. “It was a big school” Dimitris recalls, as he is reminded of the great volumes of structured and dense content he had to go through. At that time, the shift towards storytelling was taking off and Dimitris was there, collecting invaluable professional lessons. Then, he turned towards product marketing as he joined Illy and Dimello coffee brands as a content creator and social media manager, working on all things content, including photo-shooting concepts, events coverage and content writing and editing, while also enjoying the occasional perks of this fascinating sector, such as trips to NYC and to alpine Annecy, France, as well as top notch coffee daily.


His ambitious spirit brought him to Interweave to chase a new bet, the agency life, with lots of daily action and varied client work. He is now witnessing how marketing works on the other end of the spectrum and he has taken this up with great enthusiasm, befitting his outgoing and joyful personality. With such a disposition, Dimitris enjoys traveling and exploring more than anything, and he has a sweet spot for Athens; food, coffee, walks and bicycle rides, activities where the urban outdoors meets loved ones, fill his leisure time. When outdoors, he is quick to capture a snapshot of the city life with his camera, and if you catch him on the street, he can always suggest the best street food, coffee place, or the sweetest spot for drinks.


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