Evaggelia Germeni

Junior Web Developer

Evaggelia is an upbeat Junior Web Developer that has studied Informatics Engineering in the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. With a diverse 4 years experience on website building tasks and a growing set of skills such as web design, website optimization and SEO, she has worked as a web developer in several companies and projects mainly in the travel industry, such as the websites of the hotels Santorini Princess, Infinity Collection Santorini, Mykonos View and more.

With every line of code she writes, her aim is to deliver a high quality outcome for well-designed and functional websites. As a team player, she is always willing to offer that small little thing that matters in her working environment to assist her in learning new traits in her field. She aspires to be a cutting-edge programmer, coding like a drummer, literally: In her free time, she loves playing the drums and crafting new songs with her band. And, yes, she drinks coffee like there is no tomorrow, which probably explains her perpetual energy!

It is the rhythm that gives her own personal style, and if she were to pick a favorite programming language, it would be Javascript. Devotion, efficiency and precision, are values firmly connected with everything she does, and she really enjoys it.

“Ιmperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”

Marilyn Monroe