Ioannis Korkos

Account and Communications Manager

Ioannis joins Interweave with an impressive track record of managing communications for a wide range of corporate clients. 


Originally from Patras, Greece,  he joined Deree, the American College of Greece, in Athens to study marketing management. A true Communications champion, his determination and hard work first landed him an internship in the U.S. Embassy in Athens, and then his professional course further developed with big brands, social work, and a wide range of prestigious corporate clients. 


During his 5 years of experience in Public Relations agencies, he worked with various and sizable clients including the Mytilineos Group – with activities in construction and energy sectors amongst others, Olympia Group – one of the biggest retail, telecoms, and technology groups in Greece, as well as OTE-Deutsche Telekom, Titan Cement International Group and Heineken, all clients that attest to a trustworthy and capable professional. 


His professional interests focus around business and market intelligence, a much-appreciated point of focus, in an industry that tends to be extremely dynamic and volatile. His varied professional path has honed this interest into a toolkit for observing, mining, and synthesizing valuable information, which he combines with excellent communication and people management skills. His involvement with social media and digital marketing has centered around a steadfast observation of cultural, technological, and political news and trends, “a means of connecting and keeping up” as he himself puts it.


On a more personal side, Ioannis can oftentimes talk about trying to always be a ‘social justice warrior’, a desire that stems from his long-held sensitivity in identity politics and the current discussions around the body, sex, gender, and other self-determination issues, as well as post-humanist critical and cultural theory. Indeed, these topics have not only gained his attention οn a theoretical level but have also motivated him to actively offer his time for the advancement of social justice for women, the LGBTQ+ youth, sex workers, immigrants, and other oppressed groups. 


Joining Interweave, Ioannis is already actively contributing his unique expertise to the account management team. While he doesn’t rule out the possibility of pursuing further academic advancement with an MBA in the future, he so far prefers spending his free time always exploring new concepts, ideas, and perceptions, while also socializing with friends and loved ones.



Mobilis in mobili

The Nautilus motto