Kalomira Tsimara

Copywriter and Social Media Manager

An island in the Ionian sea has been the backdrop that cultivated a strong wanderlust spirit in Kalomira, our newest Copywriter and Social Media Manager. Born and raised in Kefalonia, a creative and playful personality was certainly expected to flourish there, and that was what brought Kalomira to the Ιnterweave creative team today. 


When she left Kefalonia to study Media and Communication in the Kapodistrian University of Athens, she started putting her creative side to work, with projects spanning playing the violin, creative writing and video art, and she quickly evolved to take on video creation and live projections for theatrical plays, an activity that matched perfectly her love for the arts and self-expression. Her story of art and creativity will take her back to Kefalonia to work for a local newspaper for a little while, where her writing will further develop with reporting on various topics. 


She will eventually return to Athens and jump right into the world of copywriting and social media marketing, a calling that it was time for Kalomira to take care of. Content creation, copywriting, and SEO marketing will be her craft for the rest of the story alongside award-winning teams in Luxury and Leisure Travel and yacht rentals, fields that always combined her innate love of greek summer and sea with her creative force. 


The next chapter in her story will be in Interweave, where her wanderlust spirit will find an outlet in our favorite field of travel and hospitality marketing. Today you can catch her traveling, watching plays or listening to music, or crafting stories for our clients’ social media channels! 



There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you

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