Maro Kalogeri

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

Maro studied contemporary history, politics and international relations in Greece and the UK (she earned her MA in European Politics from Essex University). She has been fascinated with the power of the written word from the day her mother, in an effort to make her rebellious daughter write that boring school assignment, told her that one can write pages upon pages about a single grey stone. She has been playing with words and working with them ever since: initially as a reporter and a writing tutor, then as a copywriter, a speechwriter, a content designer, a content marketer and a communications consultant. Naturally curious about (almost) everything, she quickly fell in love with the internet taking her words there too, creating content for web sites –and managing web projects along the way – and participating, managing and creating active online communities. She has worked in many exciting projects in the fields of hospitality, tourism, politics, energy efficiency and health (including the GNTO social media strategy design and implementation, the Intelen communication strategy and the city of Athens digital presence).

Travelling less that she would have wanted, she is trying to grow a Himalayan banana tree, a palm and a patch of Japanese Blood Grass in her tiny balcony to bring a hint of the exotic in her home – the Blood grass sounds more exciting than it really is, but that’s the power of the word, isn’t it?

Νo eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.

Jim Morrison