Stefanos Strigkos

Web Designer

With a career that spans more than a decade in product and graphic design, marked by a steadfast dedication to continuous education, Stefanos joined Interweave at an important stage in his professional path. His field of expertise, right where technology and UX/UI design meet, demands not only a widely practical exposure but also a sensitivity for shifting trends, technologies and applications, and Stefanos can boast for both of those qualities.


Stefanos was born and raised in the south part of Athens. He graduated from a technical high-school with a computer science direction, and went on to study Graphic Design and Illustration. His early career was varied; an internship at Nefeli publicationsand and a distinguished submission for the Eleftherotypia newspaper comic competition set things in motion, while much later in 2010, Stefanos joined the paper to provide illustration work for comic strips. 


His path also includes various small and medium creative agencies, as well as nine years of working with the Chrisos Odigos – the greek yellow pages – team. There, he spent the first half of that term as a graphic designer and then went on as web designer, right when the whole industry was experiencing a strong digital transformation. While Stefanos was already attending multiple seminars and workshops throughout the years, it was at that time that he took another bold step and joined Vakalo College to study Digital Design and further invest in the technical skillset that complimented his experience. 


Now a part of the Interweave team, a liaison between our tech and creative team, he applies his valuable experience in creating impactful web experiences for our clientele, while also appreciating a good mystery book or series in his free time!


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