Vera Balamatsi

Account Manager

From the very early beginning of her life, Vera has been a genuine and constant enthusiast of the challenging but always exciting world of digital marketing.

Having studied Media and Communications in the University of Sussex, UK, that she earned her BA from, she has been kept busy in various environments such as tourism, culture and education – having, therefore, to boast a quite rich portfolio of projects to all the above sectors that involve different work posts, such as Social Media Ambassador at the University of Sussex, Digital Communications Manager at Hotel Dendrolivano Kefalonia, PR Assistant at Brighton Festival, etc.

A hard-working talent, Vera possesses several organisational and communication skills that come along with her own professional abilities and aspirations, that make a brilliant fit with Interweave’s UK based offices’s needs: effective-lists’ maker so as to effectively manage challenging projects; metrics driver marketer, so as to decode data and collect useful insights; storyteller, so as to create useful content for real people; driven team player, so as to inspire people that she works with.

Last but not least, Vera’s organisational and fun attitude is being proved even not at work, planning for her next weekend abroad (or travel experience). She is the epitome of a foodie shopaholic and her biggest guilty passions are fashion and fine chocolate

There is nothing impossible to the one who will try!