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Kissyourhoney.com is a dedicated digital space for METAXA Honey Shot, aimed to build awareness for the younger side of METAXA, the one that speaks to millennials and their wants and needs.

The Goal

Transform Kissyourhoney.com into a digital foundation for the formulation of the “METAXA Honey Shot” Universe.

The ultimate goal: brand awareness and brand building with the millennial community on a European scale.

Our Contribution

We aimed to create a one-stop destination for the METAXA Universe by focusing on one thing:

Providing useful content to our core audience exactly as they seek for it, while at the same time communicating the values for which METAXA Honey Shot stands for, the “Honey Shot life.”

The Honey Shot life is the “good life.” It is never-ending possibility. It’s a buzzing generator of activities, feelings, connections. The people who belong in this universe are easy-going yet active, and participate in its shaping. They manage to have a clear view of the world and still remain optimistic. Therefore the content we create for them needs to provide a unique experience actively shaped by its inhabitants.

We decided to anchor this experience around a hub of fresh, edgy content.

The BeaBee Mag

An online, “edgy,” magazine for millennials, talking about the good life, as understood by that generation and defining the ΜΕΤΑΧΑ Honey Shot world, separated in five distinct categories:

Discover: Learn new things

Fly: Discover life through travel

Create: Discover life through crafting and creation.

Taste: Discover life by indulging the senses

Kiss: Discover life through relationships.

The main content is produced in English, with translations in Greek, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Slovak and French.

The approach is fresh and oftentimes subversive. The topics covered include information and guides on how millennials can learn and enjoy the “good life”, the METAXA Honey Shot way.

Our strategy focused around engaging audiences about the METAXA universe, creating awareness not only about the products and brand values, but also different usage occasions. Ultimately, we wanted to change the perception for Metaxa and establishi the brand as a digital innovator by creating continuously unique and fresh content appealing to the target audience. From them, to them. For their needs and dreams.

Art Direction
Back-end development
Concept design
Concept/Idea generation
Front-end development
Information Architecture
UX design
Web design
October 2016
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