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Evi Kapeli
Senior Creative Strategist & Growth Director
Rule breakers are the real rule makers

Evi has been a Strategy Lead at the Vakalo Art & Design College (est 1958), the first school for Applied Arts in Greece for the past 5 years and a former Campaign Manager at Watertron, while her previous experience is equally interesting, creative and diverse.

Having worked as a General Manager at Bercana Music Label, she has run campaigns and had the chance to be successfully involved in numerous big music events and artists management throughout the world.

She has been an Art Director and Production Manager of food books publications for Scorpios Mykonos and Meraki Restaurant in London. Furthermore, she has written numerous articles on various topics, and co-authored a book for Nakas Group Music Publications.

Her passion for quality nutrition and local gastronomy, led her in the establishment of the Kapeli Farm, where she is responsible for the growth strategy. Before her engagement to the aforementioned activities, she has worked as a teacher fostering children’s creativity for over a decade.

Creativity runs through Evi’s blood and she loves engaging with new productions that feed her creative aspect as a keen photographer and content creator, while in her free time she loves to learn all news on TikTok, exploring new tools or checking the wind before some adrenaline rush though her favourite sport, windsurfing.