A captivating blog that enhances Grecotel’s brand image

Τhe goal

Wishing to communicate its unique identity, values and products by providing all Greece lovers with useful content about what premium Greek hospitality feels like, Grecotel Hotels and Resorts, the leading hotel chain in Greece, created a captivating blog, namely Travelogue, standing out for its elegant, sophisticated style – both content and design wise.

Content in the service of consistent brand storytelling

Split to 5 distinct categories urging the users to Travel throughout Greece, Delve into the experience, Live the Grecotel life, Meet Grecotel and Get inspired, Travelogue’s blog content tells Greece’s finest stories, all filtered by the welcoming luxury and the core values that Grecotel Hotels and Resorts stands for in the hospitality industry, aiming at inspiring people to choose Grecotel for their holidays.

The best that Greece has to offer come to life through Travelogue’s captivating articles, masterfully showcasing all Grecotel’s USPs, assets and products: extraordinary experiences (showcasing specific products such as wellness, gastronomy, MICE etc), unique destinations all over Greece (showcasing all Grecotel destinations), #happeningnow events (showcasing what life at Grecotel looks like), Grecotel culture (showcasing how Grecotel faces guests and employees), guests’ blogpost stories (showcasing the true Grecotel experience as lived by ordinary people, bloggers etc).

Visual approach in the service of brand core values and aspirations

Wishing to follow the tone that Grecotel sets in terms of visual aesthetics, the blog implements the main brand elements as seen through the eyes of the affluent travelers: contemporary touches amidst Greece’s most authentic character, that smoothly blends into the sophistication and relaxation that Grecotel’s guests look forward to experience during holidays.

Clean, with discrete traditional patterns, white backgrounds, ample  images and thin typography, Travelogue constitutes a user-centric platform that harmoniously combines pleasant, camptivating brand storytelling with the summerish mood that travelling in Greece brings along.

Web Design and Technology in the service of brand character

For its content to be featured in the most effective way, Travelogue has been crafted according to what modern web design mandates (flat design, fullscreen scrolling, smooth transitions, parallax effects) – while, in order to be easily shareable and accessible through social media and on the go, its design follows a responsive approach.

At the same time, for its operation to be smooth and credible, WordPress has been chosen as the ideal CMS platform. Being amongst the most popular platforms in the world, WordPress brings along all quality characteristics that Grecotel needed for its blog: an open source, versatile and adaptable platform, intuitive to use and manage, whose security is always updated – able to offer a host of useful plugins that make content management easy and integrate well with the social media platforms.

Art Direction
Concept/Idea generation
Content development
Content Strategy
Creative direction
UX / UI Design
Web development

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