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2023 Top Luxury Travel Marketing Trends

As we progress into 2023, it is becoming evident that tourism is on track to recover  thoroughly from the disruption following the pandemic lockdowns. As a result, and with the global economy recovering, health concerns diminishing and national borders re-opening up, the luxury travel industry is already optimistic about an imminent period of accelerated growth.  

Over the past few years, changes in the industry have been remarkable and the market is evolving rapidly. But luxury travel marketeers acknowledge that competition is also intensifying. Therefore, in order to differentiate themselves, better accommodate existing customers and attract new ones, they are embracing various digital and non-digital strategies. 

So, here are some of our top luxury travel marketing trends for 2023:

Promotion of tailor-made, personalised holidays

Luxury travellers expect their holiday to be tailor-made and meet their individual needs and desires. Travel marketing has been increasingly investing in data analysis and audience segmentation tools that allows for the processing of customer preferences and the creation of bespoke offerings.

Immersive, experiential travelling

All-inclusive travelling nowadays goes beyond accommodation, kids’ clubs and resort facilities. One of the top trends we see in modern-day luxury packages is the promotion of customer immersion into the local life and culture. Whether they are cooking classes, winery tours or a day out with a local, they all promise to give the traveller the exclusivity to feel like a true insider.

Transformative experiences

Wellness-oriented holidays are becoming increasingly popular. Our determination to improve our well-being hasn’t been left unnoticed by the travel industry and, as a result, such travel promotions have been utterly transformed. Besides the widely popular spa treatments and fitness programmes, we now notice the introduction of new forms of wellness packages, like sleep tourism and meditative retreats. The slow living trend is now reinforced by the slow travelling trend. 


More and more travellers are becoming more mindful about their travelling choices. They plan their holiday so as to reflect both their concerns about the environmental impact and their wish to support local communities and conservation efforts. Therefore, we see more tour operators promoting eco-friendly accommodations and sustainable experiences.

Social media campaigning

Social media campaigns are justifiably considered hugely influential marketing tools; not only do they employ targeted advertising to reach out to a wide range of audiences, they also provide immediate customer service, with comments and questions addressed in real time. And, very importantly, social media platforms allow for the creation of great visual and written storytelling.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are a crucial asset for marketing in general and luxury tourism in particular. Due to their considerable social media following, they are vital in reaching out to diverse audiences and their engaging content adds great value in a brand’s reputation.

Digital marketing

This is a necessary component of any present-day marketing campaign. Digital advertisements in high-trafficked channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, target a broad range of customers and are typically very effective.

Use of the latest technologies

From investing in mobile apps and virtual tours to incorporating AI technologies and creating virtual games that give customers a taste of what their holiday will be like, the latest smart technological advances are infiltrated in most luxury marketing efforts.

Brand collaborations

Mega brands partner with each other progressively nowadays. Luxury hotels work together with fashion houses, high-end skincare brands or premium car manufacturers to create a holistic lavish experience and deliver the ultimate pampering every luxury customer wishes for.

Business and leisure packages

Remote working and the pursuit of a most balanced life have generated the trend of combining a business trip with leisure and vice versa. Some of the most renowned hotel groups already accommodate this model and offer aparthotels equipped with all the necessary business amenities for extended stays.

In an effort to build strong brands in a highly antagonistic market, the luxury travel industry has adapted accordingly both its offering and its marketing strategies. By incorporating strategies such as social media campaigns, influencer and digital marketing, the use of the latest technological advances and the curation of immersive, exclusive and sustainable packages, the industry is reshaping its future and is taking the right steps towards growth and development.

Digital first is the new normal