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Digital first is the new normal

The digital transformation we have been witnessing over the years has utterly transformed both the ways we operate as companies and the products we create for our clients, while digital channels have become the first point of connection between every type of business and its potential and existing customers.  

Most brands have now integrated a 100% omni-channel experience in their services; and it has become standard for a business to have a phygital presence, where the customer will be able to move from the physical to the digital, from the website to the app and then to social media, from one platform to the other. And consumers navigate this omni-channel journey by using and relying on a brand’s website, social media, mobile app, newsletter emails and SMS, as well as an in-store service. The channels are numerous, but consumers expect seamless, coherent and personalised experiences.

Interweave (IW) has organically become a digital first company and, as such, we make use of digital technologies as the key tool in our strategy and execution for brand awareness. Our 360-marketing strategy enables our partners to establish a consistent customer experience across all spectrums, both online and offline, as we offer a tailor-made, omni-channel approach that moves smoothly and comprehensively between platforms. With our distinctive methodology, we help the clients shape the vision of their business in the digital environment, and essentially rethink and reimagine their digital presence, while we implement all the technological tools available to bring them brand recognition and distinction.

At the same time, we consider equally important the need to give clients results supported by analytics of targeted personas and a well-thought content strategy that is backed up by key performance indicators (KPIs). We provide data-driven solutions and the digital platform is crucial in helping us gather very important information, for we learn about people’s preferences and choices and, in this way, we can present them with more targeted options and better experiences.

From brand identity and design, to targeted content and social media management, to paid media and analytics, we provide our partners with a digital platform that reflects their vision and narrates their story in an integrated and consistent way.

With the main objective being the delivery of people-centric products, and with data-driven metrics to support the effort, a digital-first approach has brought businesses so much closer to their audiences. Digital presence makes a company more accessible to its existing customers, more attractive to potential customers and, at the same time, as it offers more information, it generates more engagement and satisfaction for them. Communications have become more meaningful, personal and connected. Services have never been quicker and easier to use. And digital marketing has proven to be cost-effective, as well as agile in this ever changing technological environment.

In the current digital landscape, digital-first marketing has created a win-win relationship between brands and consumers, opening up numerous opportunities for brands to reach out to audiences, attract new customers, increase sales and build loyalty. Businesses have increasingly acknowledged the benefits of digital marketing and, most certainly, they should be embracing the digital-first approach in all aspects of their strategy and planning.

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