An interactive web experience for the launch of the new METAXA 12 Stars


Α global digital campaign inviting people to embark on a journey of discovery into the five senses and the new METAXA 12 Stars. A chance to win the experience of a lifetime, joining the legendary explorer Mike Horn for 5 days in his adventures, at an unknown destination.

The goal

This premium, thrilling campaign has been developed to create a distinctive image for the METAXA 12 Stars: an iconic, bold spirit that is being incarnated once again through a redesigned, contemporary packaging, with a distinctive, premium-style new bottle.

Our strategic challenge was to establish the METAXA 12 Stars as the brand’s flagship label, while at the same time differentiating its character against other premium amber spirits. Thrill, emotion and elements of lifestyle would have to become part of the blend to help convey the message.

The idea

METAXA 12 Stars is not a drink. It’s senses. You don’t just drink it. You look at it. Listen to it. Sense it.

It’s a lifestyle, an ongoing journey to feel, to discover and enjoy the uniqueness of everything that’s going on around us. Just like a true explorer does.

With that in mind, we decided to create an immersive, surprising experience to disrupt people’s daily routine and catch their attention by presenting them with micro moments of clarity. Then, invite them to adopt a different way of thinking and being, doing what they’ve always wanted to do: explore, with METAXA 12 Stars as their ally and enabler.

Our approach was focused on extending the connection of METAXA 12 Stars and the human senses, creating wider connotations. We decided to build exploration as a way of living, thinking and being.

Senses Exploration

Employing state-of-the-art technology, introduces and educates visitors on the exploration philosophy of the METAXA 12 Stars. The interactive web experience prioritizes smooth, cinematic transitions to offer visitors a unique journey of discovery through the five senses.

Ιnvited by Mike Horn to Look, Listen, Sense and finally Explore, the visitors can navigate through “Sense” videos via different interactions, encountering motivational content that gradually unfolds. In order to make the experience as immersive and inspiring as possible, we created additional video edits based on the concept of “sensorial journey” and mixing real-life exploration with METAXA 12 Stars. The journey ends with the opportunity of winning a unique, real-life experience with Mike Horn.

Showcasing METAXA 12 Stars

To live the METAXA 12 experience to the fullest, the simple, pure design of this new bottle and gift box is the first and most important step into the METAXA sensorial path. The exploration of the product begins through a video unveiling the bottle and moves deeper into the sensorial path, through images showcasing the product and the unique character of the spirit.

Fantastic mobile experience

A true explorer is always ready for the next, life-changing journey. Combining that insight with data-backed evidence that a large part of our audience prefer mobile devices to desktop, why we made sure is fully responsive, mobile data-conscious and offers a smooth and immersive experience across all devices, several different mobile browsers and screen sizes.

A Global Campaign

Staying focused on the campaign’s main insight, we decided to opt for disruptive, tailor-made ads for every online media that was included in the campaign (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, etc.).

In order to captivate user attention and ensure the campaign story builds up properly, we came up with a 3-phase implementation idea. The campaign was supported with social content & ad campaigns in three distinct stages:

  1. During the “teasing” / early-launch phase of the campaign, we used a set of subtly-branded ads across all available digital mediums, betting on the surprise factor and making the ads more visible in the saturated eyes of the users.
  2. Then, we continued our acquisition plan using a different set of ads, with clear and distinct branding this time, leveraging on the increased awareness that will have been built for the campaign.
  3. During the last weeks, we employed another set of ads; this time focused on the strong contest part and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a real-life explorer in his great journey.

Digital Press Room

Special creations command special presentation. We created a dedicated, elegant microsite for that very purpose. The complementary Digital Press Room aimed to introduce the revamped spirit, as well as Mike Horn to the Press, providing them with rich content and the chance to embark on their own exploration into the world of METAXA 12 Stars.


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