Develop a unique visual language

What does it mean to be Greek? What is Rhodes’ history all about and how is it relevant to us today? What values should you uphold if hospitality is your trade of choice?

These are some of the thoughts that we played around with when creating the new visual language for Amada Colossos Resort, an all-inclusive hotel experience in Rhodes.


Following the resort’s massive revamp, the opportunity arose for us to redefine the brand through its basic elements. What we came up with is a summation of Rhodes’ history as well as the values of Amada Colossos, through minimal, sleek and modern geometrical typography.

The logo

The logo itself manages to tell a whole story with the use of a handful of beautiful, clean lines. Look closely: can you see Colossus himself standing tall over Rhodes Harbour?

Blue is the warmest colour

Our colours of choice: Blue and white – the colours of Greece as they are known the world over: the colours of the waves of the Aegean as they softly swirl and splash under the playful winds, the colour of the sky when the sun reaches its high point, and more than that: a colour that we know inspires values like trust, calmness and reliability; a steady hand. The hand of hospitality.

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September 17
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