10 videos, a UGC Digital Campaign, a Platform and a Mobile App

Athens Inside is a digital platform built to unveil the secrets of the city. Through and its native mobile app, tourism professionals of all types and disciples give you the soundest tips and advice on where to uncover hidden “treasures” and have the best experiences Athens can offer. The idea that we developed with SETE is to make Athens’ tourism professionals ambassadors of the city by creating content and thus, introducing true Athens to visitors from abroad and give the ability to the visitors, to the community to vote, share and promote the best tips and experiences.

The goal

We worked closely with and for behalf of SETE (for City of Athens and This is Athens) to create a multichannel experience that works across all screens and devices. The goal was to introduce an interactive digital platform and campaign for the promotion of “authentic” Athens through audiovisual content, tips, and insights provided by local tourism professionals and engage the travellers, the visitors to promote and share their favorites.

an interactive digital platform and campaign for the promotion of Athens
10 videos, a UGC Digital Campaign, a Platform and a Mobile App
Αs for the creative approach part

We created 10 thematic categories (Hospitality, Gastronomy, Flea Markets & Local Products, Services, Walks & Tours, Nightlife, Music & Events, Culture & Arts, Smart Shopping, Contemporary Culture & Urban Art, Sea, Activity & Adventure) composing the authentic Athenian experience, capable of telling the story of the city within in a captivating, interesting way.

Αs for the execution part

We created ten original scripts illustrating the Insiders’ love for Athens, also including useful hints and tips for their city. Scripts’ main concept wanted the local tourism professionals starring in them not to be “interviewed”, but “take” us through their own story for Athens while showing us their favourite city spots. Each script corresponds to one of the above thematic categories, and constitutes the main narrative of each of the 10 videos included in the Athens Inside project, destined to be hosted in the project’s digital platform

An engaging platform having as its main objective to reveal all aspects of undiscovered Athens through the eyes of the small heroes of the city. The platform includes rich content consisted of the 10 videos referred above and tips created exclusively by Athens tourism professionals.

An interactive mobile app addressing to Athens tourism professionals in order to upload their own tips and piece of advice on how the visitor would better experience the city.


Our Insiders (Athens Inside videos’ protagonists): Maro Vosnaki (Hospitality video), Nikos Karathanos (Gastronomy video), Stamatis Tsikniadopoulos (Flea Markets & Local Products video), Nikos Garyfallos (Guiding you through Sights & Sensations video), Marfi Balli (Nightlife video), Kostas Dagritzikos (Music & Events video), Thanos Sideris (Culture & Arts video), Aggelos Moraitis (Smart Shopping video), Evi Kapeli (Contemporary Culture & Urban Art video), Tony Frey (Seaside, Activity & Adventure video) Pan Entertainment (Video Production)

Campaign design & development
Concept design
Content Strategy & Development
Creative direction
Mobile App development
Responsive site design & development
UX design
September 2015 - Ongoing
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