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We make brands grow


We craft interactive experiences that speak to people's hearts. Just set the objectives and we will deliver results!

Our Process


It all begins here. We call it immersion: we begin every project by developing a deep understanding of those for whom we are creating, so that we may comprehend their goals, dreams, concerns, anxieties, needs and limitations.

This process involves client workshops, extensive desk-analysis of the literature and case studies and whatever else can help us gain insights and inspiration.


Insights and ideas lead to effective results only if put into an action plan.

At this stage, we create a detailed and integrated tool, a brand “bible”, that contains key strategic objectives per target audience, detailed briefs for content development and identity and logo design, a digital strategy, specific KPIs per action, and campaigning ideas and techniques in order to achieve cross-channel interaction.


Once we have a complete framework of what needs to be done, we bring the project to life.

Our design is user-centric, not just aesthetically appealing and high-tech: Everything – forms, colors, motion, code, images, videos, architecture and, of course, language, create experiences that bring the brand closer to real consumers and create high conversion rates for maximum ROI.


When the project has taken off, we make sure that it continues to serve the initial objectives and satisfies its users in the best possible way. We implement ongoing modeling and testing to optimize spending and boost any campaign’s performance; track customers’ likes and comments, create usability and other A/B tests and many more. These processes make our clients, as well as us, able to maintain control and improve end results.

Our purpose is to create user centric
brand experiences in real time, for real people.

We offer you a 360° service that covers the entire spectrum of a brand’s existence across digital channels and platforms.


We believe in stories woven with innovation, creativity and fun.
Fly over our blog, let us inspire you!

August 02, 2016

Our latest #summer news include a new... Interweaver on the block: Vera Balamatsi, our #UK Account Executive, with valuable experience both in #Tourism and #Culture, is ready to take the UK by storm, with plenty of #creative & one-of-a-kind projects! Vera, welcome aboard! #iwteam #welcome #digital agency

August 02, 2016

A beautiful #project made from #iwteam's hard-working bees for bees that love kissing their #honey and living #life to the fullest. #staytuned to find out more ;) #iwwork #website #design

July 25, 2016

Some minutes after another braistorming session - with a different view this time: our base in London, UK! #iwwork #digitalagency

July 25, 2016

Alfred Hitchcock used to say that ideas come from everything. We couldn't agree more! #iwwork #metaxa12stars #kissyourhoney #ideas

July 25, 2016

These marvellous toothsome recipes that Horio has been offering us the last 3 1/2 years, are now being served on a totally renewed website. We really loved working on it - hope you 'll love it too! So, grab one more... byte at! #iwwork #website #design

July 25, 2016

Co-working session by the beach #IWteam #InterweaveUK

July 25, 2016

Just in time for the holidays, a freshly baked Tumblr: welcomes you to Halkidki on behalf of Halkidiki Tourism Organisation and Marketing Greece! #iwwork #summer

July 25, 2016

Obsessed with #design; Lover of #creativity; Multi-tasking freak; Keyboard #guitarist. Our new web designer, @alexandrospanagis intoduces himself and we are more than happy to welcome him to our team! #iwteam #welcome

July 11, 2016

We like having #fun on #socialmedia - so… time for #Snapchat! Follow our 👻 : interweaver profile & enjoy our Snapchat #stories! #iwteam

July 11, 2016

We have prepared something delicious for you.... Stay tuned! #iwwork

Our mission is to create world-class interactive experiences, empower audiences to connect and share, and deliver measurable results through creative innovation.