Introducing our handy marketing glossary buddy

Let us set the scene for you:

You are at a meeting, a colleague is presenting and out of nowhere comes a storm of arcane acronyms and mysterious marketing terms: 

“The KPI’s for this BTL campaign need to be delivered ASAP. Of course, we have to figure out the UVP first, but remember: we need to be thinking bottom of the funnel here, people: the client’s NPS is falling.”

You smile and nod along. After all, all your colleagues seem to be agreeing, so you must be the only one who didn’t understand, right? Right? Fact is, a lot of people in the room might be just as clueless as you, although very few would admit it. There are too many acronyms out there, too many obscure marketing terms. Let’s be realistic: who can know them all?

That’s precisely what gave us the idea for sorrywhaaat.comSorry Whaaat is your handy marketing glossary buddy, a resource we created for agencies, brands, freelancers, curious onlookers– everyone and anyone who could find this useful.

In putting it together, we put in every term and acronym we could think of. Now, we want to turn this over to you. Help us complete the puzzle!

Send us all the marketing terms you know and aren’t there, or the ones you don’t and would like to know more about. Let’s all get  together and demystify every obscure term in our industry once and for all. If you like, we welcome you to bookmark, love, share, and above all, send us your submission so we can make this a one-stop destination for all industry related jargon!

From all of us at Interweave,

Peruse away!

Interweave Team

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